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If only your spouse is working and has you covered on his health plan can he include your parents on the same plan?

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Does this health plan cover dental?

\n. \nI really dont understand your question. If you are asking "if health plan will also cover dental" then that really depends on the plan that you have in mind. Most Healt

Can you add your spouse to my Humana health plan?

I assume you have your insurance through your company. In this state there is a one month open enrollment period each year. At that point you are allowed to add a dependent. T

Does Oregon Health Plan cover Suboxone?

Suboxone coverage by insurance plans such as "Care Oregon" and "Family Care" plan require a prior authorization (PA) process. Some insurance plans does not require this proces

Does Oregon health plan cover chiropractors?

Oregon Health Plan does not provide coverage for chiropractors.  However, individuals on Oregon Health Plan may be eligible for a  discount on chiropractic services dependin

Does the ObamaCare health plan cover vasectomies?

As far as we know, it covers all medical procedures your doctor  believes are necessary. But just to make sure, please feel free to  read the law yourself and see what it do

What does it mean when you have no health care cover plan?

The main meaning would be that you would have to pay out of pocket  for your own medical expenses. If you can get health insurance get  it. It will help out when you or some