If someone has been deported can they be legalized?

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Any person who has been deported is still free to apply for entry into the country. Whether their application will be accepted depends upon their circumstances.
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If someone came to the US illegally can he become a legal resident or will he be deported?

Yes, if he came illegally, then he will be deported, since he is a criminal and will retain that criminal record forever. Every country in the whole world does this for its own protection, because he was violating their national laws and borders when he went there illegally, without applying and i (MORE)

What are the legal consequences if someone gets married so they will not be deported?

It depends entirely on whether or not the Immigration Servicedetermines if the marriage was "real" or not. That is, was themarriage between a genuine couple, or are the couple not actuallyin a relationship. If this sounds a little fuzzy, it is. The concept of "marriagefraud", whereby two people mar (MORE)

If someone has been in the U.S. illegally for four years is it possible they would be deported if they married a U.S. citizen?

well, yes, if they have no papers it doesn't matter if they have 10 kids and 15 grandkids and a us citizen spouse. you can get deported. the chances of getting caught are so slim now though, but yes. deportation is possible. I married an illigel from mexico, i went to the court house applied for th (MORE)

Would a U.S. citizen be able to marry someone who has been deported and bring them back to the U.S.?

Answer Someone may correct this, but in my experience, no. I am in the paper process with my husband, and we are going to have to go to Mexico so he can get a waiver to come back, and this could take months, after the year or so wait for that part of the process to come around. Answer . It is a v (MORE)

Can a legal resident man be deported for domestic violence?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThat's something only the legal system can answer and depending on what State you live in. I sure wish it were true in British Columbia where I live. Many countries around the world have a strict policy that if you break their laws then you are either imprisoned or d (MORE)

How does someone get a person deported from the US?

You can report them to your State or Federal franchise board to report unauthoriazation of employment and for possiably not paying their taxes. You can also NOTIFY your local ICE aka INS about their illegal status. If you suspect they are using a fraudulent SSN or ID you can also notify your local p (MORE)

How can you find out if someone who is a legal resident has a case for deportation?

\n. \n. \n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThat would not be a matter of public information, and would only be made available to those with a need to know.\n. \nA foreign national with permanent residence status is usually faced with the loss of status and deportation only if they have committed a cr (MORE)

Can your boyfriend come back to the United States legally if he was deported?

Answer . It depends on why he was deported. If he was deported as a result of a criminal conviction, then he may not be eligable to re-enter the U.S.\n. \nIf he has no criminal record, he may have to wait 5 years before he can legally enter the U.S. as a nonimmigrant (student, vistior).\n. \n (MORE)

How do you get someone deported?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIllegal immigrants engaged in criminal or suspected illegal activity can be reported to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.\n. \nhttp://www.ice.gov

How can you get someone deported if I am willing to pay deportation costs?

A person can not pay for the deportation/removal of an alien in ICE custody.. At this time, the best method of reporting Immigration violators is the DHS Tip line. This line is answered by a central location 24 hrs /7 days and reports are entered into a computer system. The information is then se (MORE)

How do you report someone with a deportation order?

Don't bother. Deportation procedures may take some time but at the end, if that person cannot provide sufficient reasons and evidences why he/she should be allowed to stay in US, he/she will be deported anyway.

How can you deport someone out of the country?

Answer 1: No one should be deported they should all be equal like us. I am so tired of the racism...the Hispanics are better workers than the Americans. Answer 2: No they're not! they dpnt even speak English so trying to communicate with them is like talkeing to a wall. Plus most of them ar (MORE)

Could you be deported if you dont have legal status?

Umm...YES! Is this a serious question? Watch the news on any given night and listen to them talk about how many Mexicans cross the border illegally and have to be returned to Mexico. If you asked this question, I'm guessing you're here illegally and looking for something to make it ok. It's no (MORE)

Can someone be deported being a naturalized citizen?

You can lose your naturalized U.S. citizenship if you've lied and made false statements, like never being arrested or convicted of a crime when in fact it actually happened when you applied for U.S. citizenship. Immigration can always go back to their files and verify your application statement. Als (MORE)

How can you find out if someone has been deported from the US?

Lying Is Always Bad,But In This Case Tell Them The Pounds Giving Away Dogs,But You Have To Show Your Birth Certificate,If That Doesnt Work Try Getting Them A Job That Involves Birth Certificate,Or If That Doesnt Work Get Them Into Real Estate Then They Have No Choice,If All Else Fails,Just Come Out (MORE)

How can I get someone deported?

If they are an illegal alien that you need to call the Immigration, Customs and Excise service (ICE) which is the former INS.

If a legal resident is guilty of first degree robbery can he get deported?

First degree robbery is defined generally as one where a deadly weapon is involved during the commission of the crime. Some states have additional qualifications, such as injury to the victim. This is considered a high level felony. For persons who immigrated here and became a legal resident, the (MORE)

How can someone not get deported?

Whether the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will begin removal proceedings against you and whether you will be eligible for any relief from being deported depends on what you plea guilty to. There are certain crims that lead to deportation. One may be eligible for relief such as cancellatio (MORE)

Can someone get a k-3 visa after deportation?

You should contact the US embassy to see how you can resolve that and get it off your background. Deportation seriously harms an individual's reputation thus making it hard to enter the same country again.

How does a legal Immigrant get deported?

A legal immigrant can and should be deported if he/she does something against the law of their host country. It isunconscionable to live in a country then commit a crime, no country should have to deal with that, or having to foot the bill in a prison for that individual.

Can a legal person be deported for skipping out on probation?

A legal United States citizen cannot be deported--where would they deport you to if you're legal? The U.S. cannot deport you unless you are an illegal alien. For skipping out on probation, you might face fines, jail time, or your probation being extended. That's about it.

How do you deport someone from UK?

The UK border agency deals with deportations. Usually the detainee is returned to the place where they travelled from (if they came here legally). The cost is met by the UK tax-payer !

Is it illegal to deport a group of people if they are in the US legally?

All immigrants are allowed in the US at the pleasure of the government. That said, USCIS usually provides notice and appeal procedures that must be followed. These procedures are not federal laws but internal policies created by that particular agency (in this case the USCIS). Such policies can at a (MORE)