If something gets stolen from me where should i look?

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It depends, if its at school, tell your teachers, the principal, or any trusted adoults. And it might turn up. It happened to me, i got my DSI stolen, and it got returned to me a week later.
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Your keys stolen how do you rekey the car Or what should you do?

Contact your dealer with the VIN # and proof of ownership off your car. He will be able to make or order new keys for you. I somewhat disagree. You stated they were stolen; not lost. This means someone has your keys and knows your car. Call a locksmith and have them rekey each lock. You may want to (MORE)

What do i do get if my car gets stolen?

Stolen Car . The answer should be very obvoius: CALL THE POLICE! They will take a description of your vehicle and they'll put it in the database of stolen cars. IF you have an auto tracking device such as lojack, give them your VIN and they'll activate your lojack and track your car on a comput (MORE)

1995 Jaguar XJ6 not getting spark what should I look for?

I have a 1996 and so far my best info is to look at the crank sensor find the crankshaft in the front of the engine and look for wires around it you will find it. One bolt unfastens it. Don't yet know how to test it but I will update as I get more info. Bud Sisto

If the police find something they were not looking for should they have the right to take the accused into custody?

Answer . The individual can still be taken into custody in most cases. For example if it is a traffic stop and the officer searches the suspect for drugs and finds a weapon or ?. Whether or not the arrest will lead to the person being charged with a crime and/or any evidence allowed to be used (MORE)

What should you do if your gun was stolen?

File a report with the police. Be sure to provide make, model and serial number and any other identifying information on it. This is important for several reasons. First, there is a chance the thief will get caught. Your report will identify your gun as stolen property, and will help to put the t (MORE)

What keeps the mona Lisa from getting stolen?

Well actually they have a ton of guards, there are heat sensors around it, and it is in a hall with a system on all the paintings that if they are taken off the wall a trigger automaticly shuts off a gate to the exit. ( there is only one entrance to the hall.)

What should you do if your worried about getting into trouble for something?

Talk to an adult about it, and if you don't tell the truth you'll get in more trouble so it's best to tell the truth beacuse once at school my and my friends got in SEROIUS TROUBBLE we told the truth and then it turned minor. LOL BTW IM IN CLASS RYT NOW TYPING THIS IN COZ IM BORED!!! =P Take m (MORE)

Can you get a new Nintendo DS if it gets stolen?

If you buy another yes but you wouldn't be able to get a refund because if your DS gets stolen you cant prove it was stolen and you wouldn't be able to get a new one unless you paid full price

What gets stolen off bicycles?

Anything that can be easily removed, quick-release wheels, seat posts and saddles, lights, saddle bags, cyclocomputers.

How do you look after something?

it depends on what your watching after. you might want to be a little more specific. sorry - its my leather dictionary my school gave me cause im leaving. A: . Just keep it on a shelf/bookshelf in an upright position away from sunlight through a window. If it has a real leather cover then once (MORE)

How do you know if something is stolen?

The simplest way is to ask questions regarding it's origin and how the person who claims to own it came to possess it. This requires intuition, observation and some guess work. If the item has a serial number or other identification you can check with law enforcement and ask that they compare it to (MORE)

What should you do your iPod got stolen?

Report it to the police. It might turn up. Also, it may possibly be covered under your homeowner's (or renter's) insurance. However, it's likely that your deductible is high enough that you're better off not bothering, since the insurance company may decide that filing a claim means you're in a h (MORE)

My bearded dragon got out and i have looked everywhere for her. is there something i should do to get her to come out?

Try to remember its favorite fruits/veggies, and leave them out on a dish where you lost her. If it comes out, great! Capture her. If you leave, come back and the food is eaten, than at least you know for sure that your beardie is in that room, so always keep the door closed. If you never fed her fr (MORE)

You had something stolen from a package and the package was taped back up How can you get your money for the items stolen?

If the package was sent US Mail and insured, you can file a claim for missing or damaged goods. Otherwise, you can only file a report of rifling and there is usually no way to confirm the loss or the value of the loss. Delivery of insured packages normally requires a signature to accept them. Other (MORE)

What does it mean if a guy looks at you a lot talks to you about random stuff and gets you something of yours when your waiting to get it like a folder or something like that?

I'm a guy, so I might be of some help. When I am really nervous about something, I often mention random stuff because i don't know what to say. Getting something of yours usually means I am trying to go out of my way to be nice to you. It doesn't one hundred percent means the guy likes you, but he m (MORE)

When getting a car what should you look fit?

alot to look for. under 100,000 miles, solid breaks, solid shifting into gear if automatic, solid clutch if manual, no oil leaks, usually if a car is clean looking and looks like they took good care of it, it means it will be a good car. if it looks like they cleaned the car just to sell it, that is (MORE)

What should you look for to see if your anal itching is hemorrhoids or something else?

Hemorrhoids can be internal, or external. Typically, you won't seeany signs unless the hemorrhoid(s) is / are external. Instead,you'll have symptoms from the swelling, such as: . persistent anal itching . persistent anal burning . slight blood on toilet tissue when you wipe Seeing a doctor ca (MORE)

What does it mean when you dream about your truck getting stolen?

I am not sure but I really think you should be careful or buy insurance because some dreams come true. . The dream could be a nudge from the dreamer's subconscious mind to be more cautious about one's vehicle. Similarly, the truck in this dream might represent something else in the dreamer's life t (MORE)

Should a co signer be told if something they signed for is getting repoed?

No. The cosigner should make certain the loan payments are being made since they guaranteed the loan would be paid back. If the primary borrower isn't paying then the cosigner must pay or their own credit record will be ruined and the lender can go after them for payment. No. The cosigner should ma (MORE)

What should one do if they have their credit card stolen?

If a credit card is stolen it has to be reported immediately. Follow up with a letter or email, check your statement for any unauthorized purchases. Make sure to keep copies of the letter and send it certified mail and ask for a return receipt.

What should one do if your car is stolen?

If one's car is stolen, the first step is to call the police and provide information on the stolen vehicle; then follow the advice of the police as quickly as possible so as not to delay recovery of the vehicle. The next step is to contact the insurance provider to process an insurance claim.