If something gets stolen from me where should i look?

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It depends, if its at school, tell your teachers, the principal, or any trusted adoults. And it might turn up. It happened to me, i got my DSI stolen, and it got returned to me a week later.
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What do i do get if my car gets stolen?

Stolen Car . The answer should be very obvoius: CALL THE POLICE! They will take a description of your vehicle and they'll put it in the database of stolen cars. IF you ha

How do you keep your boyfriend from getting stolen?

You cannot keep him from leaving you or getting "stolen" if he chooses to leave however, you can only do what you are capable of in the capacity of having a good relationship

What should you do if your worried about getting into trouble for something?

Talk to an adult about it, and if you don't tell the truth you'll get in more trouble so it's best to tell the truth beacuse once at school my and my friends got in SEROIUS TR

What gets stolen off bicycles?

Anything that can be easily removed, quick-release wheels, seat posts and saddles, lights, saddle bags, cyclocomputers.

How do you know if something is stolen?

The simplest way is to ask questions regarding it's origin and how the person who claims to own it came to possess it. This requires intuition, observation and some guess work
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When getting a car what should you look fit?

alot to look for. under 100,000 miles, solid breaks, solid shifting into gear if automatic, solid clutch if manual, no oil leaks, usually if a car is clean looking and looks l