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If the trustee wants to dismiss your Chapter 7 for bad faith due to last minute excessive spending of a tax return how long until you can refile?

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You can try refiling in 180 days. Unless there are extentuating circumstances.
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How long do you have to refile Federal taxes if you realized you've made a mistake on a past return?

You have two years from the date you submitted your original tax return to submit an amended return. More specifically, as stated on the TurboTax website, "You can file an ame

What is a motion to dismiss chapter 13 by a trustee?

It depends if you are at the end of your bankruptcy term, then it is a good thing. If you are not then it is probably a bad thing. I am in Chapter 13, and I had that happen.

Does trustee in Louisiana take your tax refund in chapter 13?

No they do not take your refund from my experience, but they do take the state refund. If they do take it, you can contact the trustee and ask for it back. I was told as long

How can you keep your tax return when you file a bankruptcy chapter 7?

I assume you mean "how do you keep your tax REFUND when you file a chapter 7 bankruptcy?" A tax refund is an asset of the estate and, generally, the trustee will take it. Ther

Can you file chapter 7 after chapter 13 is dismissed?

Yes, but you need to find out if there is a 180 day filing bar. (Yes automatically if there was a Motion for Relief from Stay). If the case was dismissed without the filing b

In Georgia After a chapter 13 has been dismissed can you refile a chapter 13?

It makes no difference where you are...bankruptcy is Federal. Under the bankruptcy laws effective from October 17, 2005, Chapter 7 cannot be filed unless the debtor was disch

What does it mean when a Chapter 7 is dismissed?

 Answer   "Case dismissed" means the same as any other time you hear it. Dismissed means that the case has no merit or means to go forward and that charges (in this ca

How can you find out how much of your income tax the trustee will take after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The answer to this question varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but I would say it is wise to ask your attorney what the common practice is in the district in which you

How long after a chapter 7 discharge can a trustee take windfall money or tax returns or proceeds from property sales?

The answer to this question isn't cut and dry, since the trustee can reach quite far into the future to get an asset if they think the debtor had the asset during the bankrupt

When is tax return due?

It must be postmarked by midnight, April 15th. You can get an extension which will make it due October 15 but the taxes are still due on April 15. If you do not pay the taxes

How can you get a chapter 7 dismissed?

  Presuming it was a voluntary filing, that your creditors didn't force you into it involuntarialry...you can ask and file with the court for dismissal. The protection BK