If you already started dilating does castor oil still work for you?

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Don't drink castor oil! It just gives you stomach pains and diarrohea which you really don't want during labour
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What can you do to start labor if you're 39 weeks and 4cm dilated and 90 percent effaced and you've had a few contractions 5 minutes apart but they stopped and castor oil and sex didn't work?

Answer . \nI would suggest walking and lots of it. If possible up and down a stairs it has worked for a few friends of mine. Hopefully it will work for you.. Answer . \

If you took castor oil to start contractions how long will it take to work?

Although castor oil doesn't always work, when and IF it does,it will usually take between 6-8 hours to start contractions. Thediarrehea usually lasts 3-6 hours. If it's been l

Should you be dilated in order to take castor oil?

Answer . You should not take castor oil or anything that might cause labor. Every woman is tired of being pregnant by the 8th month and wants it to be over. Let nature take

How do you know if Castor oil is working?

Answer . If you are taking it through a pack (ie. sinking through the skin with applied heat) then you will know by the way that you feel. You should leave it on for around

Does every castor oil work?

i took castor oil at 39.5 weeks pregnant. it gave me intense labor but they were false! was in hospital for 12 hours with intense labor pains and still no baby, they sent me h

When will my contractions start after I took castor oil?

About the time the explosive diarrhea begin. Taking castor oil does not always work and it increases the risk to you and the baby. I think you might find that doctors are not

Does castor oil work to induce labor?

Castor oil is said to help induce labor. It's a laxative, so ithelps to stimulate the digestive system and bowels, which cansupposedly help labor.

Will Castor oil induce labor at 38 weeks and 1 cm dilated?

I will be 38 weeks pregnant in 2 days. The doctor said that I was already dilated to 3 and that I wouldn't probably go until my induction date of the 21st (39 weeks) but I tri
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Can castor oil and rocking back and forth make you dilate?

You must be pregnant. It is an old home remedy to drink castor oil to force you to go into labor. No it does not make you dilate but it will cause you to clean out your bowels