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If you are full retirement age drawing Social Security can you draw unemployment if you worked full time and was just laid off?

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Yes. There are four states that will offset your Social Security against your unemployment benefits, but all the rest will pay compensation in spite of the Social Security. As long as you qualify under your state's rules concerning unemployment you're safe to go!
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If you are drawing Social Security can you draw unemployment in Colorado at the same time?

Yes.The two programs are different. Social Security is a Federal program that you pay into from your paycheck, as does the employer, and you are eligible to receive after you

Can you draw unemployment at age 72 if you were working full time and lose your job?

As long as you qualify as any other worker who is applying for unemployment, your age does not matter. In fact, just the opposite may apply. If you could establish you were fi

How much money can you earn at age 65 and draw full social security benefits?

At age 65 which is no longer the benchmark retirement age, you are subject to the earnings test until you reach the year of your normal retirement or full retirement age. Fo