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If you are pregnant and then started bleeding and after you stop bleeding you still have the symptoms does it mean you are still pregnanti was only bleeding for a week?

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go see a doctor


Hi did you take a pregnancy test did it come up positive? If not how did you know that you are pregnant cause if it came up negative and your thinking your pregnant then got your period your not pregnant right!!!

If you got a positive pregnancy test then got a little bleeding it could be Implantation bleeding which is nothing like a period. It can be pink/brown/red thick/stringy. It can happen from 1 to 3 days . 1 in 3 women get it .

If you got a positive pregnancy test then got a period then you have to go and see a doctor. You could be having a period while pregnant which is common for most women.

My story is I got Implantation bleeding didn't get a pregnancy test 2 weeks after I came on my period I could be pregnant or I could be not. some girls have periods while pregnant and they don't know

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How long can implantation bleeding last and when does it start and what are the symptoms and can you still be pregnant if you have unusual bleeding for a few days before your period is due?

Answer   Hi,   I just read that Implantation bleeding can start around the 8th day after ovulating. Heres a great website to check out!   http://www.babycentre.co.u

You had bleeding with pain and then passed only one clot and the bleeding stopped could you be having a miscarriage or could you still be pregnant?

bleeding in pregnancyI had the same thing during my second pregnancy. I was told that because I had my two boys close together, that there could have been residue scabbing on

Can you still be pregnant even if you have bleeding?

  Answer   I heard people say they had a period while pregnant and I heard that story about it happening to that lady who had twins so ye I do believe in period whil

How do you know if you are still pregnant after bleeding?

  Answer   If you are pregnant and experience vaginal bleeding, you must go to A&E or to your DR immediately. A blood test and ultrasound scan will be performed to s

Can you be pregnant and still have heavy bleeding?

It depends on how far along you are, or if you think you have recently gotten pregnant then yes you can still have a normal period. Some women have a period throughout their e

Can you have heavy bleeding and still be pregnant?

yes,in fact u can bleed heavy for a month and still be pregnant brothers baby mama had a period and shes still pregnant and her mother bleed for like 3 months and still was pr

Im only 3 weeks pregnant and you started bleeding are you still pregnant?

  This does not necessarily mean you've miscarried, but you need to see a doctor as soon as you can. My doctor told me there is not much anyone can do about a miscarriage

If not bleeding can she still get pregnant?

Usually no period indicates pregnancy. The time at which a woman is most likely to get pregnant is several days after she stops Menstruating (bleeding) in a woman with a 28 d