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If you have health insurance on your two sons and their father does also who is the primary insurance holder?

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It really depends on the plans but most plans use the date of birth rule. Who ever's birthday is first would be the company that pays primary, then the later birthday would be secondary.
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If you lose your job and primary health insurance but are also covered through your spouse's group plan are you still eligible for COBRA?

That would depend on if your spouse's coverage is group or individual coverage. If it is group coverage offered by your spouse's employer then NO. Cobra regulations specifical

If you have insurance with your employer and your spouse has insurance on you also which insurance is the primary?

If both you and your spouse have full medical coverage then the insurance compnay will revert back to your and your spouse's date of birth. Whoever's birthdate is first in a

Will secondary health insurance cover what primary does not?

Not necessarily; a secondary insurance policy or plan might only provide additional benefits up to the maximum that it will pay for a specified service. If both plans have rat

Primary and secondary health insurance?

You could have two insurance companies pay the same medical bill or claim for a date of service through a process of subrogation where the first insurance company determined b

Can you have two health insurance policies?

Yes, A person can take multiple health insurance plans form same  company or from different company. In fact it is a good idea to  take two health plans from different compa

Can you be on two health insurance plans?

  Yes, one will pay primary and one will pay secondary.   Secondary: a policy that pays the provider's leftover medical bills. Some might still exclude the payment towa

What happens if you are in a car accident your insurance ran out two weeks ago and your not the primary insurance policy holder on the car?

  The driver of the at-fault car is responsible for paying for the damage they cause to others in an auto accident. Having insurance transfers this risk from the driver to

Is health insurance also considered dental insurance?

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In an auto accident in California do you bill your auto insurance as the primary insurance or your health insurance?

If you have both medical insurance and auto insurance, the primary company billed will depend on the situation. If your injuries and medical costs were caused by an auto accid

Can you be covered by two health insurances?

In theory, yes. For example, health insurance might be offered to each of husband and wife through their employers. If, for some reason, both accept the insurance, they are ea