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If you have no employment history can you be emancipated?

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A. I don't think you could become emancipated without a job because you have to prove that you can financially support yourself; and without work, you cannot. B. It shouldn't be illegal for you to date your boyfriend once he turns 18 unless your state laws prohibit it. I know my state (Pennsylvania) allows minors to date within 4 years above their age until they reach 16. Once the age of 16 is reached, the minor is allowed to date whomever he/she wishes. It's called the age of consent (which is the age you can decide who you can see/not see). In order for you to find out your laws about the age difference, I would check into the statutory rape laws of your state. You should be able to find the information online. C. If your boyfriends parents are so willing to let you move in with them and your mom is so interested in putting you up for adoption, why not let her and have his parents let you stay there as a "foster" child until you turn 18 (or reach the age of consent in your state). You need to firstly check out the statutory rape laws of your state, though, because then you'll know if your mom CAN even press charges against him. Good luck! yes i don't see whay not. because i am thinking about emancipation right now because my mother hates my boyfriend who is 17 ( im 14 ). and no my mom is saying that i have a choice that i can either live with my grandmother or i can go to a foster home. me and my grandmother don't get alond because all we do is argue plus me and my little brother hate each other. my mom has threatened to get my boyfriend arrested or statutatory rape. when we are both still virgins. plus when he turns 18 yea it will be illeagle for us to date but when i turn 15 it wont be. he turns 18 on 12-15-06 and i turn 15 on 7-27-07. and his parents have said that if my mom wasnt as bad as she was i could move in with them. but they don't want my boyfriend to get arrested. so i was thinking about emancipation. i have no job but i do have a place to live. i can live with him. so in my opinion yes you should be able to get emancipated with or without a job as long as you have an approperiate place to live and you continue to go to school.
*sweetie im sorry but no just because your 15 you cannot date him i met my fiance' when i was 14 and he was 17 i turned 15 on dec 3 and he turned 18 dec 18 guess What i was still illeagal and the matter of fact is that if you are not 17 you cannot date your boyfriend against you parents consent even if you don't have sex it is still considered statatory rape my parents in themselves decide to try to fight my relationship with my current fiance' and it wasa hard fight don't think it wsas easy and we are still fighting and dec 20th we would of been engadeged for a year and im 16 now and hes 19 if its close to 3 years and im mean close then that's it they cant do much but if its over 3 you cant do much either because it is the law but i fought and they gave up on tring to win so not that im advising it well yes i am if you love him fight if its just a fling and you just want him because your parents don't want you to have him then don't fight for those you love
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