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If you put your SIM card from your old phone into your new iphone 3G or 3GS you got from eBay will you be charged any kind of fee for upgrading to a new phone?

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No, however you must keep in mind that AT&T requires a special data package for iPhone to be added on your account. Without this additional package, the iPhone will not function on AT&T's network. It is possible to unlock the iPhone to work on any GSM network, but doing so will void the remainder of the warranty.
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How do you put your SIM card in a iPhone 3g?

Look at the top edge of the iphone 3g. there is a long button, and a headphone hole. See the tiny hole between the two? stick a small object, such as the little pick that co

Does an i phone 3g need a SIM card?

ALL mobile (cell) phones need a SIM card - it's what gives the phone its unique number. Some handsets have a SIM card built-in which cannot be changed unless the phone is dism

Do 3g sim card work in 2g phones?

Yes, 3G means 3rd generation. As mobile technology advances, new generations of networking speeds are "officially" released, but you can still use them in older phones, or "2G

Is the Iphone 3gs a Verizon phone?

The iPhone 3GS was never offered with Verizon. Most got them with AT&T, and got their phones unlocked so they can use the phone with other service providers.