If you use the wrong household AC electrical power adapter to give power to something what part of its circuit will be damaged?

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This question could be understood in two different ways and both ways would make good sense! So two separate answers are given below. ANSWER 1 If the question is asking which part of a circuit would be damaged, meaning a circuit that is inside the object being supplied with power by the ac adapter, then the answer is: In general it's not possible to say exactly which parts are most likely to be damaged in a particular piece of equipment which contains a circuit powered by an ac adaptor because the answer to that question would depend on what that given circuit has been designed to do. Parts in such a circuit which can easily be damaged by too high a voltage include: semiconductor devices such as diodes and transistors very small resistors anything which has a winding made of very thin insulated wire (Such as relays, tuning coils, transformers, etc.) ANSWER 2 If the question is asking which part of a circuit would be damaged, meaning a circuit that is inside the ac adapter, then the answer is: It depends on the design of the ac adapter and whether its output is alternating current (ac) or direct current (dc). Adapters which give a low voltage ac output may just have a transformer inside them so that is the part which would be damaged if the adapter was used wrongly to try to give power to something it was not designed to do. However it is possible that some of some of these ac output adapters may use a switching circuit similar to the kind of switching power supply that is often used nowadays to provide power to lighting circuits for sets of low-voltage (12 volt) reflector lamps. (Like the kind that are designed to be mounted in or on ceilings.) Any one or more of various parts, especially the semiconductors, inside such an adapter, are likely to be damaged if it was used wrongly to try to give power to something it was not designed to do. Adapters which give a low voltage dc output may or may not use a transformer. If there is a transformer there will also be a diode or more complicated rectifier circuit of some kind. If there is no transformer then a semiconductor-based switching circuit would be used to produce the low voltage dc from the ac mains input. Any one or more of the various parts, including the semiconductor(s) and transformer (if any) are likely to be damaged if the adapter was used wrongly to try to give power to something it was not designed to do.
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Why is power for a country's household AC electrical power mains grid usually generated as 3-phase electricity and not single phase?

Single phase power has a sine wave voltage that crosses zero before reversing its polarity. In the region near the zero-crossing there is not much power. At zero there is none at all. So single phase loads often need some trickery to deliver output in this area. Often it is just the inertia of the m (MORE)

What is the household AC electrical power service in the US?

In short: 240/120 V @ 60 Hz frequency. In the US, lighting and low-power appliances run at 120 volts plus or minus 10%; meaning 108 volts to 132 volts at 60 cycles per second called hertz (Hz). To get the actual figures for your locality it is best to ask a local licensed electrician or your (MORE)

Can a Blackberry cell phone AC power adapter be used with a Garmin GPS device?

The specifications for both the AC adapter and the requirements for the Garmin (or the specifications for the AC adapter for that Garmin) would have to be known. Even if they were compatible, an "adapter" would have to be fabricated to fit on the end of the AC adapter and "convert" that plug (changi (MORE)

What is the household AC electrical power service in the UK?

Answer for countries in Europe and other world areas running a 50 Hz supply service. Originally the UK mains supply voltage was specified at 240 volts AC or, more precisely, 240 volts RMS +/-6%. The alternating current runs at a frequency of 50 Hz. Some time ago, to allow harmonisation across E (MORE)

How can you convert household AC electrical power from single phase to three phase?

For low-power appliances you can buy an electronic powerinverter which produces 3-phase outputs from a 1-phase (singlephase) service. Such inverters are not cheap to buy so you must decide if it isbest to buy an equivalent appliance that runs on 1-phase instead oftrying to use a 3-phase appliance o (MORE)

How much power is used in a single household?

what household? a 5 million dollar home with all sorts of gadgets and an army of live-in servants and heated driveways and pools, or a little cottage with single retired person in it? the difference can be more than orders of magnitude enough to keep kittens from freezing, i guess. It's lik (MORE)

Would European 230 Volts 50 Hz appliances work on 120 Volts in the US or Canada or other countries using similar 60 Hz household AC electrical power mains supplies?

In general the answer has to be: "Not if they have been designed to run only on the higher voltage." Some appliances, such as electric shavers, etc., have been designed to run safely on different supply voltages. If that is the case the appliance's rating plate will state the range of suitable vol (MORE)

Will a household AC electrical power mains adaptor act as a battery charger also?

THIS COULD BE VERY DANGEROUS: DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING IT! . As mains adapters were not designed to be used that way the safest answer is to say NO.. It all depends on the type of adapter, the voltage and type of current that the adapter produces.. Some of them produce alternating current (A (MORE)

How do you test the output of a household AC electrical power adaptor?

First, always read the label on the power adaptor to find out what voltage it has been designed to supply. You can use a volt meter or a 12v light bulb to check if the power adaptor is working but don't do this unless you are certain that the output voltage really is a low as that! If you don (MORE)

What is the household AC electrical power mains voltage in Canada?

North America is all connected to the same electrical grid. Much of the power that is generated in Canada is exported to the US. The standard voltage is 120V for lights and plugs, and 240V for stove, heaters and drier loads. The distribution system is 3 wire and the street transformer is cent (MORE)

Is the function of a capacitor in an electric circuit to increase circuit power?

No, a capacitor in a circuit will not increase power.. The capacitor is an electrical component that is used to provide resistance to a change in voltage. That's what capacitance is; it's how we define it. A capacitor (cap) can also be used to "couple" or "transfer" an AC signal in a way that isola (MORE)

What is the formula of power in AC polyphase circuits?

The following equation only works for a balanced three-phase load, that is, where each of the three phases is identical in all respects: P = 1.732 V L I L x power factor , where V L and I L represent line voltage and line current, respectively. For unbalanced loads, you must dete (MORE)

What is the role of reactive power in an electric circuit?

Some electrical machines work on the principle of . electromagnetic induction. For such events to occur, we need inductor due to which reactive power flows in the circuit. Since, this power is due to the energy storing elements in the circuit like inductor and capacitor. That is why, we need react (MORE)

What does home electric gadgets use AC or DC power?

All gadgets containing electronics and silicon chips use DC .The AC is rectified and smoothed down to battery voltage levels by a transformer in the plug top adapter or circuit board within the gadget. Cookers ,lights, power drills etc use AC.

What is the household AC electrical power mains voltage in the UK?

The UK voltage is now 230 V +10% /- 6%, AC, 50 Hz. However, it's worth noting that this 'new' nominal voltage has been nothing more than a 'paper exercise' to comply with European harmonisation standards. In practice, nothing has been done to change it from the original UK standard, which was 24 (MORE)

How is electricity transmitted from a power supply to the respected household?

electricity transmitted from a power supply to the respected consumers by means of transformers dat we used in several places. by means of step down transfomers used in several areas that stepped down the voltage to its required one from the transmission area...eg: first of alla electricity/current (MORE)

A device that gives power to a circuit?

A battery or eletrical generator would do that. Answer Your question should be rephrased. You do not 'give power' to a circuit. 'Power' is simply a rate -the rate of doing work.

To find the watts of electrical power in an electrical circuit?

Power = Voltage*Current. Multiply the current and the voltage. Keep your units in mind. If your voltage is Volts, and your current is in Amps, your power will be in Watts. If you are using milliamps, your power will be in milliwatts. You can also use P=I 2 *R. The current squared, mulitplied by the (MORE)

How is reactive power produced in an electric circuit?

' Reactive power ', measured in reactive volt amperes ( var ), describes the rate at which energy is supplied to, and stored within, a circuit's magnetic and/or electric field(s) and, then, returned to the supply, during every half cycle of alternating current. Contrast this with ' true power ', (MORE)

Which household applaince use more power?

You can look at the rating plate on each appliance and see how many watts it is. So for example a 1500 w hair dryer, or an 1100 w microwave oven. A stove and an electric clothes dryer use more than that (but I have gas for those appliances, so I cannot look). A refrigerator would use a lot too, (MORE)

What kind of household appliances use ac electric?

Anything that plugs into the wall is using AC electricity. Anything running on batteries is using DC power. Many appliances have a power converter/adapter which converts AC to DC power before being run into the appliance. So although they plug into an AC source, the device actually uses DC.

Can an electric range be powered from the same circuit as an electric dyer?

No. The two appliances usually have dedicated circuits. The range will have a two pole 40 amp breaker and be fed with a 3-C #8 copper cable. The dryer will have a 30 amp two pole breaker and be fed with a 3-C # 10 copper cable. As you can see by powering a 40 amp device from a 30 amp breaker, full o (MORE)

Where reactive power is used which is released in another part of ac voltage cycle as you have reactive power is power that is stored in one part of the AC voltage wave and released in another?

single phase induction motor is really a two phase motor a capacitor to one of the phases stores the reactive power releasing it to the coil 90 degrees later setting up the rotating magnetic field that stores reactive power in the rotor (or the shorted windings of the rotor) releasi (MORE)

What is the use of a power adapter?

A power adapter (sometimes also referred to as a power supply) is used to supply power to a range of devices. The power is taking from the mains electricity and transferred using the adapter to the device, such as a laptop.

When does power consumed in an ac circuit becomes zero?

'Power' is not 'consumed'; it is simply a 'rate' -the rate at which 'energy' is being consumed. No energy is being consumed by a load which is either purely inductive or purely capacitive so, for such loads, the rate of energy consumption, or the power, would be theoretically be zero. However, (MORE)

What is an AC power adapter used for?

The AC power adapter is used to power electronics of many kinds. Some popular electronics include tape recorders, VHS players, laptops, and video game consoles.

Why is the power adapter used when we do charge something?

The power adapter is used to charge various types of electronics including laptop, cell phones, and iPads. Without power adapters we wouldn't be as mobile as we are today since electronics would still be tethered to an attached cord instead of one that can be removed.

Can static electricity be used to power something?

Static electricity is usually seen in a form which contains toolittle energy to be worth collecting. For example the audiblestatic electricity generated by pulling your jumper over your headis definitely much less than the energy produced by your muscles. An exception is the energy of a lightning s (MORE)

What will happen to the circuit if the power supply is change from AC to DC?

This depends on the circuit in question. If the circuit only hasresistors and maybe incandescent light bulbs, then with anequvalent RMS voltage of AC, to the previous DC, the circuit willbehave almost the same. If the circuit has components such ascapacitors and inductors, then the current will be s (MORE)

Why is the concept of average power used in ac circuits?

When we quote average power, we do so because often on a mainsfeeder the power to various loads fluctuates a bit, so we work outthe real power Vrms x Irms for a resistive load (more complex fornon linear and L or C loads) and average this every second or so,in the digital realm you might compute the (MORE)