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When plug in power adapter into power outlet no power any suggestions?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-14 23:32:30

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You may have blown the circuit. Does the circuit work before you connect the adapter? If so perhaps the adapter is faulty.

2006-07-14 23:32:30
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Does Ooma require a 110V outlet to plug into?

Yes, it uses an AC power adapter.

What allows you to plug your computer into a standard wall outlet?

an AC Adapter allows you to plug your computer into a standard wall outlet

How do you plug a 120V appliance into an outlet wired for a 240V?

you get an adapter

Do you need to use a power adapter as well as a plug adapter in Egypt from the UK?

Yes! you need to use a power adapter as well a plug adapter in Egypt from the UK.

How do you charge iPad 2 for the first time before using it?

Take the power adapter and either a) plug it into a wall outlet. or b) plug the USB part into your computer and plug your ipad in and let it charge. :)

Is there an adapter to convert a 220 volt 4 prong plug to plug into a 220 volt 3 prong outlet?

Your local supermarket should have the plug should any responsible electronics store. Ask for a world plug adapter

Can a MacBook run on 220 current?

Do you mean a 220V as in a power in Europe? Then,Check your adaptor. It will tell you the input voltage. If it sates that the range of the input voltage in 100V-240V then YES you can plug in your adapter into a 220V outlet.Please note that some people advise that you plug in the adapter into the power before plugging it into the computer.

Will your laptop work in Russia?

Yes. You may need an adapter to plug your laptop into a wall outlet.

Will anything bad happen if you use an accessory outlet adapter for 120v to plug your laptop in your Prius?


Does the power cord on a hd cable box plug into a outlet or tv?

Powed cords always plug into an outlet.

Where do you plug in a hair dryer?

in a power outlet

Does this just plug in an outlet?

You can plug the air conditioner into any outlet in your home, however you should get an outlet strip to protect against power surges. Yes, this HDTV plugs into a normal electrical outlet or power strip.

How do you charge a PSP go?

The first step is to get all the object that come with the psp go, these are the adapter, charging cable, and the USB cable. plug in each of these together. Once all the cables and the adapter are plugged in, plug the power cable to the outlet, and the other end goes to the psp go.

Can you plug a 220 volt lamp from Australia into US 110 volt outlet using a proper plug adapter?

The bulb will be about half as bright.

Can you plug your motorhome 30 amp adapter into the dryer 30 amp outlet without hazard?


How does one adapt a three pronged plug on a dryer to a electrical outlet with four holes?

You need to find an adapter.

Can you plug a 115V small American appliance into 240V outlet in Australia?

No. You'll need an adapter that can change voltage.

Can you use 12v 7ah battery instead of using a 12v dc plug in adapter?

Yes, a battery can be substituted for a plug in adapter. The battery will be a limited supply source whereas a plug in adapter will last as long as there is a plug in connection or until the power goes out.

Can I plug one power adapter into another and then another into that so as to reach a far away appliance that does not have an outlet near it?

This is not advisable due to fire and flammability concerns. It can be very dangerous to do so.

How do you charge gps without cigarette lighter?

you can purchase an adapter that plug into a standard wall outlet that has the "cigarette lighter" piece to plug any car accessories into

If you plug an appliance into wall what type of current are you using?

You will be using AC current from the wall, but you may be plugging an adapter which converts the AC into DC. The raw power coming from a household outlet is AC.

Where does the ac.dc adapter go?

I don't exactly know what you mean by this, but I assume you mean how do you set it up. Basically connect the connectors from the wire to the power thing. Then plug it into your item of use, and then into the wall outlet.

Does a cassette adapter us your car battery?

If a cassette adapter requires power, it'll have a power plug, but even then, unless it is being used, should not be drawing power.

Can you plug a three-prong dryer into a four-prong outlet or is there an adapter you should use?

Yes. The adapter is a new power cord. Your new home has a modern plug which is safer, and you can easily upgrade your appliance in under a half hour and under $30 in parts. Get a new cord and follow your dryer's instructions.

Will anything bad happen if you use a 120V accessory outlet adapter to use your laptop in a Prius?

No, that is a good use for for that plug.