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If your credit report show state and federal income tax liens that are 'released' can you dispute them and have them taken off completely?

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You can dispute any items on your credit report, including public records like judgments, bankruptcy, foreclosure and tax liens. Items such as these have a significant impact on your credit score. The most important thing about legal entries is having the proper disposition recorded. Unpaid and non-released tax liens have no statute of limitations for how long they can show on your credit report. But the release of lien will trigger the 7 year countdown for when they will no longer show (unless over-ridden by state law). You should be aware that legal items find their way onto your credit report by different means than ordinary trade line. The method of verification varies also. If you have released liens showing on your credit that are accurate; the likelihood of those "coming off" is very low.
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Who do you contact first to remove a tax lien from a credit report?

Tax lien will show paid--it won't be removed unless it was there in error or you have gone to court and had a judge state that it has to be removed.   When a tax lien is re

How often can you dispute credit report?

You can only dispute information that you believe is incorrect. If you dispute the information and the credit bureau investigates and determines the the information IS correct

Can a satisfied judgment be taken off of your credit report?

A satisfied judgment can be taken off your credit, if it is inaccurate. If the judgment is yours, it will remain for the full reporting period allowed by law. Here is more ad

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It is not uncommon to come across errors in your credit report ranging from the spelling of your name, to social security number, to incorrect recording of payments. These err

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I deleted two judgments but You just dispute it like anything else on your report. give any reason like its not yours and dispute often online and in the mail at the same time

How do you remove a state tax lien from your credit report?

What is reported is not under your control (unless you can prove it is erroneous). The one reporting it is the one to remove or change it. They of course need to be given a re

When you pay off a tax lien does it reduce your credit score?

%REPLIES%    Answer   PAYING a tax lien has no effect on your credit.     What would affect your credit score would be to have the lien released. This is the

Does a tax lien reflect negatively on your credit report?

A tax lien is considered a significant derogatory item on a consumer's credit report. Being a legal action, it is reported in the "public records" portion of your credit repo

Why would you have a tax lien reported on your credit?

  Answer     The person has either state or federal tax arrearages and a lien has been filed against real property belonging to the person owing back taxes. The

How do I get a disputed debt off of my credit report?

The legal answer is that the process of disputing a debt is simple that for disputes. If your only dispute is that you do not want a litigate debt reported on your credit then

Can a creditor put a lien on my federal income tax refund?

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Which Errors On My Credit Report Can I Dispute?

IF there are REAL and PROVABLE errors on you credit report, then  you can challenge them ALL. However, you have to be objective about  it - if there is stuff on the report t