In Disneyland do you get in free for your birthday?

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Where is Disneyland?

The original Disneyland is in Anaheim, CA. It opened on July 18,1955. The other Disneylands are located in Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai& Tokyo.

How can you find someones birthday free?

Ask them. . Or be a coward and find a free Birth date database online (like I did for my Mothers Birthday). I found several of these Databases online with a simple Google search. . Here is one such Free Birth date Database I found online: and paste this or us (MORE)

What is Disneyland?

is an American theme park in Anaheim, California owned and operated by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts division of The Walt Disney Company. It opened on July 17, 1955 in ceremonies led by Walt Disney.. Currently the park has been visited by more than 515 million guests since it opened, including (MORE)

Free stuff on birthday?

Well, you can use swagbucks as a search engine and get points to buy stuff. There wont be any spam mail ether, just search stuff like twice a day and get points; best of all, its free.

Printable birthday invitations for my child's birthday for free?

\nWell this is only an idea, and I'm not sure if you have to pay, but you could send everyone an evite, which is an invitation by email, if you didn't know that just go to and you can choose one of their invitations or make your own, you might even be able to print it out

Is Disneyland or a Disney Cruise better for celebrating a thirteenth birthday?

I would think that depends on your 13 year old. I'm 39 and if I could afford it, I'd go to Disney once a year. Never been on a Disney Cruise, but I'm sure it's just like anything else Disney...over the top. Since you're asking about Disneyland (in California) and a Disney Cruise, I'd say go for th (MORE)

What can you get for free on your birthday?

Many restaurants, such as Denny's, will offer a birthday celebrant a free meal on his birthday. Proof of birthday is required. Sometimes a minimum number of people is required on the total cheque for the freebie to be granted.. Similarly, many bars will offer a free drink to a birthday celebrant, u (MORE)

How do you get to Disneyland?

Take a plane from your nearest airport, or if you feel like seeing more of America or the West Coast, drive to Anaheim, California.

When and where did Disneyland?

Disneyland Park is located in Anaheim, California. It opened to the general public on July 18th , 1955. In 2009, 15.9 people visited the park.

Where can i eat for free on my birthday in Portland?

Check websites for your favorite restaurants. Red Lobster, Applebees, Outback, Texas Roabhouse, lots of these places offer free coupons on your birthday. You will have to sign up and receive emails from them, but hey- small price to pay! Coupons are generally name specific when printed, so you (MORE)

Do you get a free burrito on your birthday at chipotle?

yes if you really wantz 1 lolz Actually, Chipotle does not officially offer a free burrito on your birthday, however, if you're a loyal and frequent customer, it's possible they might give a you a free one if you let them know it's your birthday. No guarantees though.

Do you have to go to Disneyland on your birthday to get your free ticket?

The "Free on Your Birthday" promotion at the Disney parks ended on December 31, 2009. It was necessary to visit the park on your birthday in order to get free admission. Guests with annual passes could instead redeem their free ticket at any time during the next year, as long as it was picked up (MORE)

Is Disneyland and Disneyland Resort the same?

No. When someone refers to just Disneyland they primarily mean the theme park. However, when they refer to Disneyland Resort they mean the hotel that is almost right on-property nearby.

What can you do at Disneyland?

There are lots of rides and you can meet mickey mouse and Disney characters on some rides you can get very wet there are also shows like the ones with whales

Where can one find free clip art for a birthday?

Microsoft provides free clip art within their software. Alternately, the internet has thousands of sites devoted to clip art. Most of the these sites are free to use with a valid email registration.

Where can you send free ecards for someones birthday?

123greetings offers a large variety of Ecards, and has a specific section on their website just for birthday-related Ecards. In the birthday Ecard section, you can find different Ecards available, each with a unique design.

Where can one find free printable birthday cards?

Greetingsisland has a good range of free printable birthday cards, but why not try and be creative? Computers often come pre-bundled with software such as Publisher, which allows you to design your own easily.

Where can free birthday cards be found?

According to the website researched, at Blue Mountain there are free printable cards and e cards. They are some spectacular looking cards. Each has there own look.

Where can one send free birthday ecards?

There are a wide range of websites that offer free eCards for birthdays and other occasions. Some sites currently offering free birthday eCards are 123 Greetings, Bluemountain and American Greetings.

Where could one send free birthday e-cards?

The 123 Greetings website allows visitors to send free birthday e-cards. Birthday e-cards are also personalised and categorised depending on who one is sending the card to.