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In Islam are the parents allowed to froce the child?

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no ofcourse they arent.islam is against childlabor and harassing children and women.
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How do you give up your parental rights to a child you are not allowed to see?

  Answer     A biological parent cannot be kept from seeing their child except by an order from the court.     If the custodial parent is refusing visitat

What if parent will not allow child to see grandparents?

  Answer     What is the reason. IF the child is in any danger or the sort then the parent has every right. If it is just a control issue then all the grandparen

Why do parents not allow their child to go on the net?

  They are afraid that a child might stumble upon a website that is innaproriate for children there age. Also, parents think that kids don't know better to give out their

What is a froce?

  The capacity to do work or cause physical physical change energy, strength, or active power. The force of an explosion.  

When can a child care worker refuse to allow parent take child?

Presumably, the custodial parent is the parent who has arranged for  the child care and is the person who normally delivers the child  and picks the child up after work. The
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Can a child convert to Islam without notifying his parents?

it depends on people.........but yes u can convert without notifying your parents...just believe in ALLAH(SWT nd pray to ALLAH regularly..Follow the five pillars of Islam (see
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Is a parent allowed to take their child somewhere against their will?

Yes. A child is a minor and not an adult therefore they must do what their parents want and go where they go. As long as it isn't child abuse or breaking the law it is correct

What kind of relationship should a child have with their parents according to Islam?

A child must have respectful and loveable relationship with parents. He must obey them,except if they ask him to disbelieve in Allah Almighty. A child must be polite to his pa