In Star Wars did any of the clones not listen to Order 66?

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I'd say 99% of all clone troopers obeyed, but a few, very rare clone troopers probably didn't obey Order 66 and worked in secret. In Star Wars: The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader, the author mentioned that Darth Sidious foretold that The Empire will have enemies. So the Empire had many enemies+Rebels.
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What is a clone in Star Wars?

a clone is an exact genetic copy of a living thing. In star wars, clones of a human named Jango Fett were used as soldiers in the Army of the Republic.

What is Star Wars Clone Wars?

" Star Wars: Clone Wars " is a microseries that aired on Cartoon Network from 2003-2005, before " Revenge of the Sith " premiered in theaters. Don't confuse it with the Clone Wars show currently airing on Cartoon Network because the new one is CGI-animated and the microseries is literally hand-drawn (MORE)

Why make Star Wars clone wars?

George Lucas wanted to tel the story about the time frame between episode2 and 3. About the time when Anikin was considered a "Good Guy" plus he wanted more money.

Are there any cheats for Star Wars clone wars Jedi alliance?

no there is not=(. edit: for actoon replay the only one is health, but i cant find any unlocking cheats,. heres the game code and health cheat if your looking for it. Game ID: CLWE-0D19A1F6 Infinite Health 220b7c38 00000064 22099658 00000064

Are they going to make any more Star Wars movies NOT cartoon The Clone Wars?

There has been rumors that George is working on it right this year. It could be about young Ben Skywalker training to be a jedi. Him and his master face a sith named Darth Dyrion and Darth Dyrion kills Ben's master and Ben takes revenge on the sith and kills him. Then, becomes the second Darth Vader (MORE)

Star Wars order 66?

In ep. II you will hear the clone makers say that the clones are very loyal and will follow orders without a question. In ep. III Palpatine (aka Darth Sidious) ordered the clones to execute "Order 66". Order 66 ment to turn on the Jedi and destroy them, so Palpatine could have control over the repub (MORE)

What is the coolest clone from Star Wars?

Not only is this question a matter of opinion, it's also broad. By broad, I mean you could be referring to one of two things: -The coolest single Clone, for example, Trooper "Boil." Or... -The coolest type of clone, such as Clone commandos or engineers.

How many clones are in Star Wars?

According to the Star Wars Wiki, some 200,000 clones fought during the Clone Wars. No numbers are available for Stormtroopers, however, and I apologize.

Can you be a jedi in order 66 in star wars battlefront 2?

yes you can be Aayla Secura on felucia (clone wars), you can also be Ki adi mundi on mygeeto(clone wars), Yoda on Kashyyyk (clone wars), Anakin on Mustafar (galactic civil war), obi wan on utapau (clone wars). You can also go these jedi on other levels, except for anakin. There is also a heroes vs v (MORE)

Who is the clone commander in Star Wars clone wars?

There are many but here are some. There's Commander Cody, Commander Gree, Commander Fox, Commander Bly, Captain Rex (equivalent to Commander), Commander Ponds Commander Jet, and some more but I can't remember.

Who are the three clones in star wars the clone wars rookies?

The original 5 members of Domino Squad (the rookies) are Hevy, Echo, Fives, Cutup, and Droidbait. "Hevy" because he likes heavy weapons, "Echo" because he used to repeat every order given, "Fives" because his number is CT-27-5555, "Cutup" because he was called a cutup and he liked it, and "Droidbait (MORE)

What is a Star Wars clone commando?

A clone commando (also known as a Republic commando) is an elite soldier that employs squad tactics when fighting, working in groups of 4. They were commonly given stealthy missions, as assassination, infiltration, sabotage, and language skills were included in their training. It is likely that c (MORE)

Did any clones disobey order 66?

Very few clones did. But did. Ion Team refused to execute Roan Shryne, Bol Chatak, and Padawan Olee Starstone when they received Order 66. For doing so, they were killed by orders of Vader.

Has any clones fell in love in star wars the clone wars?

Well, somewhat. There was an episode in Season 2 called "The Deserter." Rex finds a clone that deserted the Republic because after the Battle of Geonosis, he was the only one standing and he ran. But he then found a home on Saleucami and he married a beautiful, loving, kind Twi'lek woman and he has (MORE)

Is Star Wars the clones after star was or before?

The question as asked is difficult to answer, because it's not clear what you're talking about. I'm going to try anyway, making a couple of assumptions. "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", which is what I'm guessing you mean by "the clones", takes place BEFORE the first Star Wars movie made, which was ori (MORE)

On Star Wars are there clone majors?

Yes, there are clone majors that serve in the Grand Army of the Republic. Two notable clone majors are clone trooper "Twelve" and clone trooper "Jorir".

Who is the best clone commander in Star Wars clone wars?

Commander Cody is the best because he commands some of the smartestand most skilled clone troopers, he's an expert with a DC-15Ablaster rifle, he serves under Obi Wan Kenobi, he's deadly, smart,has a good aim, and can work his way out of any situation, and canuse any vehicle or weapon you throw at h (MORE)

How do clone troopers in Star Wars get cloned?

On the planet Kamino, the Kaminonians received an interesting request from Master Sypher Dias. He requested a Clone Army for the republic. So the Kamonians sought Jango Fett, a suitable base for the clones. He was cloned using Kamonian technology and mass produced, for the Grand Army Of the Republic (MORE)

How can you make a clone from Star Wars?

It depends on what you are talking about. If you mean on a video game I don't know. If you mean a real living breathing person it is almost impossible. The government tested it on a sheep and made "Dolly". The sheep was an exact genetical match to its partner. The sheep later died before the origina (MORE)

Can you watch Star Wars the clone wars?

Yes. You can go to "" and watch the latest two episodes on the site. (to watch more episodes you must go to the site every monday for the newest episode) (new episodes air on fridays on cartoon network but are on the site by the following monday)

What happend to clone trooper thrier in order 66?

clone trooper thrier followed to execute order 66 he survived order 66 but in the rebelion alligance the battle of stormtroopers it appears he was shot by one of the rebellion alliance in corisant.

Why did they have clone wars In Star Wars?

The Republic was getting crushed losing Jedi constantly. They foundthe Clone army on Kamino, and it was all they could find in such ashort time. The war was all a trick though! Darth Tyrannus (CountDooku) and Darth Sidious had made the army, so , He could kill theJedi with clone commanders so he cou (MORE)

What was star wars the clone wars nominated for?

In 2009, the series was nominated for the 2009 Saturn Award for "Best Cable/Syndicated TV Series." And also, the season 1 episode "Lair of Grievous" won a Golden Reel Award for best sound editing in television animation

Are there any free star wars the clone wars episodes on iTunes?

The free things they have are special features and they usually only stay for a few months and then there is no trace of them. But if you keep on checking (every two days) The Clone Wars, all of the seasons on iTunes (US Store). Sometimes you can find free full HD Episodes. Like when Season 5 "Reviv (MORE)

Where is the menu in Star Wars the clone wars?

If you are talking about the video game, there are several brightly striped doors you can walk through. I think you go through the pink one to get to the place where you buy characters and stuff. If its not the pink door, experiment a little to figure out which door it is.

Star wars clone wars the clone heavy dies?

Yes, sadly clone trooper Heavy dies in the 5th episode of season one. The detonator wouldn't work so he had to blow it up manually. He saved the rest of his squad and Rex and Cody.

What happened to the star wars clones?

It's me Corbin! Know what happens with the clones is in revenge of the sith.for years the clones have fought alongside with the Jedi so the Jedi would be totally unprepared for this attack

Where clones evil before order 66?

No, they only follow orders. They are entirely obedient. The only ones who may have resisted at all where the clones who were granted more independence (commando units or commanders) It is entirely possible that they have no concept of good and evil.

Which Star Wars clone wars is true?

If by that you mean which TV series is considered part of the actual timeline, there's really no right answer for that. The timelines of the two series sort of conflict with one another and the computer animated series has made some events seen in graphic novels, books, etc. no longer canon.

What is the Star Wars order 66?

Order 66 was an event at the end of the Clone Wars in which theclone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic turned againsttheir Jedi commanders and terminated them, bringing about thedestruction of the Jedi Order.