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In statistics what does n equals mean?

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In statistics, n is usually used to mean the number of observations or measurements which you have. So n = 7 means you have 7 observations or meadurements.
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What does a high t statistic mean?

  Assuming you mean the t-statistic from least squares regression, the t-statistic is the regression coefficient (of a given independent variable) divided by its standard

Does descriptive statistics means parametric statistics?

No.    Descriptive statistics are those that characterise samples without  attempting to draw conclusions. The purpose of them is to help  investigators to form an un

What do you mean by Statistics?

The mathematics of the collection, organization, and interpretation of numerical data, especially the analysis of population characteristics by inference from sampling. Read

Meaning of statistics?

The word "Statistics" which comes from latin word status,meaning a political state,originally meant information useful to the state,for example, information about the sizes of

What is n in statistics?

n is the sample size.

What is N is statistics?

The Population of the data set. If there was a study of 5000 people, 50 were randomly selected as a sample, then "N" would be 5000.

What is the meaning of finite population in statistics?

Finite populations mean a limited size population. Sometimes, a limited population is very large, so it may be treated as an infinite population, for statistical inferences. 

Iwhat does in statistics what does population mean n statistics?

I believe this question is asking what a population is in statistics. A "population" is simply the group from which a sample is drawn to conduct statistics. It is often wron
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What do statistics mean?

descriptive statistics-quantitavely describe the main features of a collection of data. Descriptive statistics are distinguished from inferential.Statistics(or inductive stati
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What does alpha-1 mean in statistics?

Im in statistics class and I been trying to figure out the answer too. I couldn't find it online. Luckily I had the answer to the problem I was trying answer, so to figure out