In the state of Texas can the lender repo your vehicle if your auto insurance lasped for 4 months you was told you had to pay full insurance coverage or vehicle will be repoed can they?

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Yes they can repo if they catch the insurance lapse. Most financed vehicles have a Full Coverage clause that you signed and agreed to when you contracted to finance the vehicle.
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In a Full Coverage Vehicle insurance policy what is the collision coverage?

Answer . The collision coverage specifically covers the repairs to your vehicle, regardless of fault.. If you are at fault for instance, your car would be repaired, but yo

If you take your vehicle to a body shop that charges more for labor rate than what insurance is willing to pay and you have full coverage on vehicle how do you get your insurance to pay up?

No Insurer is required to pay unreasonable rates for repair. Insurers know what the average cost is for various vehicle repairs. There is a high end and a low end. This is why

Does your auto insurance pay if you vandalize a vehicle?

If you are asking whether your own insurer will pay damages to the owner of a vehicle that you vandalize, the answer is No. This is because insurance does not provide benefits