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Ever since the Nazi Party adopted the swastika, many countries have banned public display of it. Including:

Hungary, it is a criminal misdemeanour to publicly display "totalitarian symbols", including the swastika, the SS insignia and the Arrow Cross, punishable by fine. Display for academic, educational, artistic or journalistic reasons is allowed. Also the communist symbols of hammer and sickle and the red star are also regarded as a totalitarian symbols and have the same restriction by Hungarian criminal law.

In Poland, public display of Nazi symbols, including the Nazi swastika, is a criminal offence punishable by up to eight years in jail.

Germany, there are little to no exception on publicly displaying the swastika and is punishable by, no more than 3 years in prison. The swastikas on Hindu and Jain temples are exempt, as religious symbols cannot be banned.

Asia, as I said above religious symbols cannot be banned. Today there are many religious uses of the swastika in many asian countries.

Brazil, in Brazil the use of, or distribution of any Nazi symbol or swastika is punishable by a two to five years prison term and a fine.
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