In what ways was big business in the 1920s comparable to the flappers?

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They both made money businesses paid flappers to dance in order to attract customers in order to make money.
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Flappers in 1920s?

Flappers were northern, urban young women who held jobs. Thesewomen led an exciting lifestyle for the time by bobbing their hair,wearing short dresses, and taking part in city

Why is a flapper viewed as a symbol of the 1920s?

because flappers started a new generation. they started wearing more riskae clothing and became less dependant on men. these were the women who took care of themselves and bec

What was the flappers culture of the 1920's?

During the early nineteen hundreds, the flappers represented a change in the American woman in society. They started showing skin with shorter skirts. They started wearing sho

What did the flappers of the 1920's represent?

Flappers were women who wore there boot straps undone. As a result the the belt like straps flapped as they walked, giving them the nickname Flappers. This was only for a rebe

How much did 1920 flappers cost?

a flapper in the 1920s can range from many prices like maybe from like 2.00 to 100.00 depends on how much money they are willing to spend

What was tha purpose of the flappers in 1920?

they wanted to look sexy and free to attract men. they sought for freedom of sexual life and full emancipation of women most women dressed informally and seemed like the women