Is CNN a republican or a democratic news station?

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CNN is democratic while fox is republican. Ignore the fact that Nancy grace is an idiot though, she's not a great representation.
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Is CNN a Republican station?

While news stations are ideally not supposed to lean towards oneside or the other, realistically, they tend to. CNN would seem to lean more to the left of the politicalideolo

Is FOX news a Republican station?

Not formally, but it may as well be. FOX "news" is run by "big business" tycoon Rupert Murdoch, who uses the station to promote the Republican agenda. Although many viewers be

Is the hill news republican or democrat?

The Hill is less of a partisan newspaper, and more of an "inside baseball," publication. It features pundits from both sides of the ideological spectrum, and includes many art

Is NPR a republican news station?

No NPR has no official party affiliation, and NPR is not funded by any political party. Many conservatives claim that NPR is liberally biased. Many liberals will descri

Does CNN favor democrat or Republican?

For sure Republican. Right now in August of 2012 and look at the main page and you're bound to find an article making Mitt Romney (Republican nominee) appear positively. Answe