Is Cristiano Ronaldo a Brazilian?

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He is Portuguese but of mixed descent with Portuguese (white) and Cape Verdean (black) blood. His mother side comes from Cape Verde which is in Africa.

Besides that, he's from the Madeira Island which is located off the African coast even though they belong to Portugal. He gets a nice tan all year round!
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Where can I find a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo? than click on the second link on upper left side - IMAGES and than in search field write Cristiano ROnaldo ;)

How much does Cristiano Ronaldo make?

Currently at Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo is making around 7-10 million euro's in American that's about 13-15 million dollars taking an offhand guess but yeah in the area of 10 million units of pay.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese football player from Funchal,Madeira. His full name is Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro. Cristiano Ronaldo House

How much does Cristiano Ronaldo earn?

C-Ron earns £280,000 a week at madrid £27 million nper year The weekly salary of christiano Ronaldo is 250,000 poumds a week. 480,000 pounds a month Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the highest paid athletes in the world.He reportedly made $44 million dollars in 2012 between his footballcon (MORE)

How did Cristiano Ronaldo get so good?

Well he trained P.S. He is a diva and the only things he is good for are diving whenever someone challenges him and doing fancy tricks when nobody is around him

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo famous?

Cause hes a great soccer player for Portugal and Manchester united plus hes hott Cristiano Ronaldo got famous because of his speed and he is skilful. He became famous also because he was the world record transfer fee man and the top scorer. :)

The story about Cristiano Ronaldo?

Christiana Ronaldo came from a poor family in Portugals Mareida island, but as his father was a drunkard and got the family in debt, the hometown club sold him to Sporting Lisbon club. And then Ferguson got him for 12 million pounds.

Does Cristiano Ronaldo use steroids?

Sadly he does not. I cant stand him but the true story is that the rumor began with people commenting about being willing to take steroids in order to look more like C. Ronaldo. He in fact never did use steroids. I myself am the biggest Messi fan and i will set the story straight. Messi never did HG (MORE)

Is Cristiano Ronaldo a father?

It is said that he is, he announced the news on his Twitter and Facebook accounts on Sunday. The message does not say the name of the mother, but the Portuguese newspaper 'Correio da Manha' say that she is a US citizen. The message says "It is with great joy and emotion that I inform that I recently (MORE)

How do you do Cristiano Ronaldo free kicks?

First you open your legs like somebody is going to open ya, then you bend over and start licking your lips like u really want it, then u step forward and shoot the ball!

What is Cristiano Ronaldo personality?

cocky, rude, selfish and very arrogant. i was visiting family in madrid and went to a signing of his to the public and he had the most diturbing facial expression on his face lik it was our fault he had to stand there time away from doing kim kardashian.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo yearly salary?

€1.083 million per month, or 13 million euros per year. In USD that is $16,222,700 a year. This is not counting the money he gets from sponsorships, appearances and advertising. Read more:'s_salary_in_dollars#ixzz1BtKOmHwr http://ch (MORE)

Did Cristiano Ronaldo retire?

No, he is currently a forward for Real Madrid C.F and the Portugal national football(soccer) team (#7 for both teams)

Can you chat with Cristiano Ronaldo if i know him?

According to "Football Finance," Real Madrid player and captain of the Portugal team, Cristiano Ronaldo, receives €1.083 million per month, or 13 million euros per year. In USD that is $16,222,700 a year. This is not counting the money he gets from sponsorships, appearances and advertising.. (MORE)

What foot does Cristiano Ronaldo kick with?

From the left, he'll shoot with the right, if he's crossing it, he'll hit it with his left. From the right, he'll cross it with his right, but he has scored many a goal from the right with his left foot, so he is ambidextrous. From the centre, he'll hit with either or if I'm honest!

Why do people like Cristiano Ronaldo?

Because he's a great footballer, ranked by most people as the best footballer in the world. He has amazing dribbling speed on the ball, great at skills, has very power shots and can head very well.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo a nice guy?

I´ve seen several interviews from him. Even when people think he is arrogant I think he´s still a normal person like everybody and he seems to be a down earth person!

Why you like Cristiano Ronaldo?

First, he is in my opinion the best footballer in the galaxy. His skill, technique, offensive and much more makes many people he is the best. The most complete player. Able to score with his head, right and left leg makes him dangerous in any position because he's able to shoot from almost anywhere (MORE)

How exspensive is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Real Madrid bought him for 94 million euro , his market value now is 100 million euro. but the market value does not represent how much the club would accept to sell him.

Who is the manager of Cristiano Ronaldo?

For his club team Real Madrid it is currently Jose Mourinho and for his national team Portugal it's Paulo Bento and Cristiano Ronaldo's agent is Jorge Mendes

Is Cristiano Ronaldo betterthan messi?

For me, it is Cristiano Ronaldo. It is totally up to you whether which one you think is the best. Messi and Ronaldo is both different, and the style of playing is also very different, they are also both from different countries.

For what is Cristiano Ronaldo known for in 2008?

In 2008, Cristiano Ronaldo succeeded in different challenges: he was the winner of Ballon d'Or, he also receive the European Golden Shoe, but also deserved FWA and PFA trophies. In addition he was declared the FIFA World Player of the year.