Is Dillan Teagle still in jail now?

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Can you help Navy man now retired never told navy he was divorced and remarried and still receiving pension and now scared to apply for medical thinking they throw him in jail?

I'm a Navy vet. . First of all, don't share any unnecessary information that you are not asked for. If you can, talk to a claims rep from VFW or DVA, they will act almos

Is lyfe jennings in jail now?

no lyfe jennings went to jail in 1992 because he possibly shot a gun and refused to take a sobriety test he got out in 2008 and he turned his life around in jail :)

Is Jack McClellan in jail now?

I did check on this. McClellan's famous (or infamous if you prefer) publicity campaign pretty much ended in 2008. The website he hosted no longer exists and the domain name is
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Is ti out of jail or still in jail?

They Said That He Is STILL In Jail. And That He Has A 25 Year Sentance. shut the hell up lying they gave him a year and one day
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Is Justin in jail now?

Um No he is not, he is not in Australia anymore he's in the Philippines now.