Is Germany a democratic country?

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In Germany
Germany has been a parliamentary democracy since 1948, when the Federal Republic was organized out of the British, French, and American occupation zones. The Soviet zone remained a separate communist dictatorship until it collapsed in 1990, and was incorporated into the Federal Republic.
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How many democratic countries are there in the world?

There are currently 123 democratic countries in the world. (There are 192-195 countries total; this number depends on your point of view. This number doesn't include colonies, territories, etc. that are ruled by other nations and therefore don't have their own form of government but are part of the (MORE)

Which Country and Western singers are Democrats?

Obviously the Dixie Chicks. I know Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are Democrats, as well. They are really the only ones I know for sure. Willie Nelson gave a concert for super delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Big Kenny, of the duo Big and Rich is a Democrat while his partner, Jo (MORE)

What is a democratic country?

The narrowest definition of a democratic country is one in which the government is formed through the process of majority rule as determined by regular elections. In practice a democracy has come to mean the pluralistic society that under pins the democratic political tradition. Some signs of a pl (MORE)

Why did a democratic government fail in Germany?

This failure appears particularly dramatic because the regime that followed committed some of the worst crimes of world history and unleashed another, much bloodier, world war. A historian once remarked that democracy very often fails when it is introduced in a nation for the first time.

What countries are not democratic?

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are two of the countries which are stillnot considered to be democratic. Also, United Arab Emirates andNepal are non-democratic countries.

Is Afghanistan a democratic country?

It is putatively democratic and goes through the ritual of voting, though with much allegations of fraud. The current government is found acceptable to the United States, which maintains a large military presence in this nation, and was responsible for the unseating of the last government. The Un (MORE)

Is Austria a democratic country?

Yes it is since 1945. More precisely it is a "Federal Parliamentary republic" - with it's President Heinz Fischer and it's Chancellor Werner Faymann.

What country has a non democratic government?

Only two countries in the world do not officially call themselves democratic; they are Myanmar (Burma) which is a Military Dictatorship; and Vatican City, which is a Absolute Theocratic Monarchy. Many of the countries in the world that call themselves democracies are democratic in name only; and due (MORE)

Is Italy a democratic country?

Today, Italy is a democratic republic and a developed country with the 8th- highest Quality-of-life index rating in the world.

What are the countries in Germany?

Germany is one single country. It does, however, have 16 states. Though these enjoy considerable automony, they are not separate countries.

Which country is a democratic country?

India is a democratic country Most countries on Earth are democratic, however, many of them are illiberal democracies. This means that they have voting, but not the vast number of rights or choices that usually accompany democracy. Some examples of proper democracy are: The United States, Canada, (MORE)

1949-1990 what was capital of democratic Germany?

It was Bonn.. Let's be clear on this: Bonn was the capital of the FDR, the Federal Republic of Germany, West Germany. But the DDR, the Deutches Democratik Republik, The German Democratic Republic, East Germany, the capital was Berlin. And no, I am not for one moment suggesting East Germany was demo (MORE)

Why is the country Germany named Germany?

The name Germany come from the group of tribes that settled in Northern Europe who were collectively known ethically as Germanic due to customs and language. Germans, by the way, refer to their country as "Deutschland".

Was Germany democratic in 1914?

Germany was a Constitutional Monarchy, leaning towards autocracy. The Reichstag had -some- legislative power, but not much. The Kaiser remained Head of State, and the Reichskanzler whom he assigned remained Head of Government.

What country doesn't have a democratic government?

Absolute monarchies Brunei Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Swaziland Theocracies States based on a state religion Iran[1] (to some degree) Vatican City One-party states People's Republic of China (Communist Party) (list) Cuba (Communist Party) (list) Democratic People's Republic (MORE)

Is Germany a Democratic Party?

Germany is a federal, parliamentary representative democratic republic German political system operates under a framework laid out in the 1949 constitutional document known as the Basic Law.

Is China a non-democratic country?

Yes, but . . . China like other totalitarian states feigns towardsdemocracy. They hold votes (voting is a handy method for decisionmaking) but they have only one party that is available to expressone's political principles. If your political principles don'tmatch the party you have no where to go an (MORE)

Why is India called a democratic country?

well india is called the democratic country because the governmentin india allow the citizens to choose their leaders. they let the citizens vote the person they want as their leader! even children above the age 18 can vote. this practice of voting is adult franchise

Why is Myanmar not a democratic country?

The people of Myanmar elected Aung San SuuKyi .But the military leaders of Myanmar refused tostep down and did not accept the election's results . Besides , themilitary put the elected pro-democracy leaders , including Aung SanSuu Kyi,under house arrest . Aung San Suu Kyi continued herstruggle fo (MORE)

Is Pakistan is a democratic country?

No. Pakistan is a federal republic with democratic institutions of debatable effectiveness. These institutions include political parties and elected bodies at the national, provincial, and district levels. Despite possessing these tokens of democracy, Pakistan can not be termed a democratic country (MORE)

What are the problems faced by a democratic country?

giving food to the citizens. establishing civilian control over all governmental institutions. finding political leaders . and holding elections in the country. - Maintaining a fair use of public property. - Determining what will be provided by the goverment, and what people must obtain or at (MORE)

Is Sri Lanka democratic country?

Yes, it hold Presidential & Parliamentary elections every 6 years. Provincial Elections every 4 years and Local Government election once every 4 years. Anyone above the age of 18 can vote!

Why is Myanmar a non-democratic country?

It is non-democratic because when the people voted for Aung San Suu Kyi to be their president, the military had her arrested, and placed under house arrest. They have refused to hand over power to her and continue to subject the people to their military dictatorship. They have had many thousands arr (MORE)

Which country did republicans and Democrats develop in?

United States, George Washington feared and did not want political parties. Some witty American in Government made political parties, if you do research I am sure you can find someone under government and presidential history where it developed.

Is China democratic or a non-democratic country?

The People's Republic of China can be closely described as a non-democratic state as it is in essentials a Socialist state, although its economy can be said to be getting more liberal and Capitalist. The Republic of China however, is democratic. The semi-autonomous Chinese province of Hong Kong is (MORE)

What makes the country democratic?

That government officials are elected by the people in open, free and fair elections where there is a plethora of political ideologies.

How did France become a democratic country?

In the 18th century, the idea of liberty and the ideal of democraty were popularised by French authors and spread though the educated middle class in France. The French revolution, not without mishaps and violence, attempted to make these ideas a reality and made them progress a good deal. Univers (MORE)

What does the Christian Democratic Union of Germany believe?

Christian Democratic Union parties are all over the world and not just a German phenomenon. Christian Democratic Parties can be found in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. To be a Christian Democrat, one must follow 4 simple foundational beliefs. Christian Democracy postulates the following (MORE)

Is England a non democratic country?

Yes, it has a system of government by which political sovereignty is retained by the people and either exercised directly by citizens or through their elected representatives

What are all the democratic countries in the world?

All the countries in the world that are democratic are: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Mexico, France, Singapore, America, England (UK) and Australia. However, Australia is not really a democratic government but is a constitutional monarchy. It became a democratic continent in 1901.

How is it possible for a country to be democratic but not a republic?

The word "democracy" comes from the Greek meaning "rule by the people" or power to the people and the word "Republic" comes from the Latin meaning "of public affairs;" so they are so close in original source as to be hard to separate except by degrees. Republics can vary in considerable ways in rega (MORE)

How is a democratic country governed?

A democratic country is governed by the political party that got the majority of seats in the parliament in the general elections.It is government chosen by the people,for the people.Unless of course the elections are rigged.(See Russian Federation).

Which side of Germany became democratic and free?

Both of them, eventually. They're the same country now. The first side to be a free state, as opposed to a Soviet puppet state, was the western side, the BDR (Bundesrepublik Deutschland, or Federal Republic of Germany).

Why do people need a democratic country?

In a country that does not have democracy, the rulers might be dictators or autocrats and give the people no freedoms of any kind. While democracy is not perfect, it is certainly better than being ruled by a dictatorship, where laws are made arbitrarily by one person or one royal family. Under a dic (MORE)

What countries are non democratic countries?

Swaziland Uganda Cameroon Equatorial Guinea Angola Zimbabwe Ethiopia Eritrea The Gambia Burkina Faso Sudan Djibouti Republic of the Congo Central African Republic Rwanda Burundi Mauritania Cuba Iran Syria North Korea Belarus

Is Switzerland a democratic or non democratic country?

switzerland is a democratic country imhope this helped u all Answer 2 Switzerland is a confederation of 26 semi-independent cantons. A canton is equivalent to what is called a state in English-speaking federal countries. It has a very democratic system of government. As many decisions (MORE)

Why secularism is important for a democratic country?

In a democratic country like India, with its multi lingual and multi racial character, secularism is the best option. Under secularism, right to practice religious rituals by peoples from all religions is allowed to exercise without any obstacle or hindrance. Whereas in autocracy, right to religious (MORE)

What is the importance of equality in a democratic country?

Speaking truly, total equality is possible only in a utopian state of democracy. Yet we as egalitarian humans must strive for more and more equality in a democratic. So I would like to emphatically state that an-almost-equality among democrats is entirely essential as this would lessen dissatisfacti (MORE)

Is north America a democratic country?

North America is not a country. It is an aggregate of ten countries, reckoned sometimes to be a continent and, sometimes, to be the northern half of the American continent. North America contains Canada, The U. S. A., Mexico, and seven Central American countries. Of them, Canada is certainly demo (MORE)