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Never rely on this site for translating more than a simple hello. I find it to be extremely unreliable and inaccurate.
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Is Google Earth accurate?

The imagery in Google Earth is reasonably accurate in many placesbut geo-registration issues are possible. Likewise, the layers suchas roads, labels, places icons, etc. can be

How accurate is the Google Earth Ruler?

Pretty darn accurate. Try measuring something for yourself that you know the length of--it can get it almost exactly. The Google Earth ruler is not accurate over long distan

How is Google so accurate?

By Indexing data , gathering info about it and then measure them  for trust and authority

What is a better translator than Google Translate?

There are many web based translation sites. Some are keyed more to idiomatic translations, others are more literal. None are really reliable to give a decent translation of an

Can Google Translate translate symbols?

Google translator can translate only language so, it's not possible to translate symbols but whenever we translate the language it may be changed the order of symbols in sente

Does Google translate translate tenses?

Not accurate enough. Google translate does translate words  accurately, but there is some problems in tenses. I'd like to  recommend you Takeasy, a live-human translate app.

What languages can be translated by Google Translator?

There are sixty five languages that currently are able to be translated by Google Translator. These languages are Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan,

How accurate is Google Earth Live?

From multiple consumer reviews on both sides of the accuracy argument,one can only assume that it may be accurate, but has some glitches as well. The accuracy argument is best

How accurate is the Google Calendar?

The Google Calendar is very accurate, and doesn't contain any immediately visible errors. One can assume that the Google calendar is able to keep track of any important holida

How accurate is Google Street Map?

Google Street Map is pretty accurate because when we go for hikes, we like to hike to different places and sometimes, we use our smartphones to find our way to the nearest roa