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Is Hawaii located in the south or north part of the Pacific Ocean?

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As Hawaii is north of the equator it is therefore in the north pacific.
It has been said that Hawaii is central pacific but, unless she is straddling
the equator, this cannot be.
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Is Hawaii part of North America or south America?

  Hawai'i is part of North America. This is because It is part of the U.S., thus making it part of North America   Hawai'i is part of North America. This is because It
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Where is Hawaii located south north east west?

South, North, East or West of what? Hawaii is located west of the main part of the United States. it is East of Japan.

Does Hawaii border the Pacific Ocean?

  Given the Hawaii is an island and it is in the Pacific, it is pretty much surrounded by it. Yes, Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean.