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Is Hawaii located in the south or north part of the Pacific Ocean?

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As Hawaii is north of the equator it is therefore in the north pacific.
It has been said that Hawaii is central pacific but, unless she is straddling
the equator, this cannot be.
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Is the Pacific Ocean north or south of the equator?

The Pacific Ocean is on the north and south of the equator. This istrue of the Atlantic Ocean as well.

How deep is the Pacific ocean near Hawaii?

The Hawaiian Islands represent the peaks of the tallest mountain range in the world. Of course, most of the mountain range is below sea level. The height of this range is appr

What island is not located in the Pacific Ocean?

Treasure island is not in the pacific ocean, since it is fiction. However, there are a lot more such as: Ascension Island (UK) Azores (Portugal) The Bahamas Barbados