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Is Military Retired pay a qualified or non-qualified plan?

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Non qualified according to Turbotax
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If you were in the service for 5 months and have a military ID card does that qualify you as a veteran on veteran day?

It depends on your definition of veteran. If it means that you served in the military, then yes. Many offers and discounts apply to any former service member who can prove the

How do you qualify for scholarship?

Different scholarships have different qualifications, so it really depends on the scholarship you are applying for. Some scholarships are for a certain age group or grade leve

Can you receive unemployment in Alabama while receiving military retirement pay?

I seriously doubt it... military income is deductable from Alabama state unemployment, and with AL's unemployment as low as it is ($265/week max), any retired military pay wil

What is the difference between a qualify annuity and non qualifying annuity?

  You mean qualified. It refers to the tax status of the funds inside it. If funds are qualified that is IRS/investment lingo for pre tax money, such as money in a 401K, I

How much is military retirement pay for e-7?

Assuming they served only 20 years- Short answer: Roughly $2,000 a month. Long answer: It will depend on the retirement plan the service member picked. If the service member p

What is a non qualifying annuity?

  Perhaps you meant a "non-qualified" annuity?   If so, a nq annuity is an annuity purchased with after-tax dollars; conversely, a qualified annuity is one purchased wi

When are non qualified annuities taxed?

A non qualified annuity is purchased with after tax dollars. The only portion of the annuity that is taxable is the interest portion. This is taxed upon the withdrawal from th

Who qualifies as a military dependent?

  A dependent would be anyone the servicemember (SM) records as such. The SM must provide 51 % of that persons income. Children, elderly or disabled relatives, even unempl

Can military retirement pay be garnished?

Can my military retirement be garnished by a non-government agency? Can my military retirement be garnished? military retirement pay can be garnished through the governmen
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