Is Obama liberal conservative or moderate?

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While his political opponents insist he is liberal (which to them is something bad), the truth is that whether as a senator or as the president, Mr. Obama has generally been a moderate or a centrist, leaning somewhat to the left on social issues and somewhat to the right on certain foreign policy issues.
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Was Lyndon B. Johnson liberal moderate or conservative?

Answer . The meanings of the terms differ between sources and alter according to the politics of the era. However, Lyndon Johnson could probably be safely called a "radica

What is the difference between very liberal liberal conservative moderate and apathetic in terms of politics?

Generally speaking, conservatives are the embodiment of left brain thinking. They are logical, practical and firm on ideas of right and wrong. They value authority and loyalty

Define Liberal Conservative and Moderate?

A liberal believes that government can be used to alleviate social ills. A conservative holds that individuals are responsible for their own situation, and government should

Is Barack Obama a liberal or conservative?

Barack Obama is a centrist. Liberals, like the Socialists and Green Party, decry Obama's use of SuperPAC money, his failures in human rights, and his support for the military

Was George W. Bush a liberal conservative or moderate?

Bush was clearly a moderat LIBERAL. He would probably be considered a traditional liberal, because of his disatrous ultra-liberal economic policies, and his Neo-con stance on

Is Mitt Romney a Conservative liberal or moderate?

Mitt Romney is a moderate conservative. He has conservative views but is willing to listen to the people and compromise to find a solution that most people can be happy with.

Is Barack Obama a conservative or a liberal?

Actually, he is neither. Most of his political opponents want you to believe he is a liberal (which to them is something negative); but the truth is he has governed as a centr