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Is Provincetown Mass appropriate for a family with young children as a vacation destination?

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Yes and no. First, many people associate Provincetown with the fact that it is home to a large gay community. Contrary to stereotypes, most of the gay residents are professionals: they run businesses, own restaurants, are craftspeople and artisans, and they act the same as any other businessperson. They want your business and they want you to support the local economy. But as might be expected, there is definitely a gay club scene at night -- bars, discos, etc, where gay people socialize. Sometimes, when people have been drinking, they can act rowdy, and sometimes there are public displays of affection between gay couples. If this is something you would prefer not to see, the answer is to avoid going to the areas where the clubs are.

But that said, I've visited Provincetown many times-- it is well-known as a tourist location, since it has whale-watching, fishing, ocean tours, good restaurants, etc. Many families visit the area every year, and the gay community does not impede the tourist industry in any way. The shopping is excellent as well. Again, if you and your family avoid the night clubs, it is doubtful you will see anything or anyone shocking or potentially troubling.
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