Is Randy Jackson of American Idol the same Randy Jackson of the Jackson 5ive?

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No, he was not. Randy was a nickname for Steven Randall Jackson. (Michael Jackson's younger brother)
Randy Jackson on American Idol is not in any way related to Michael Jackson and he isn't one of the Jackson brothers either.

Furthermore, Randy Jackson, Michael Jackson's brother was not a member of the Jackson 5ive because he was too young. He was a member of the group when they changed their name to The Jacksons and replaced Jermaine Jackson.
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Is American Idol's Randy Jackson related to Michael Jackson?

The Randy Jackson from American Idol is not the same Randy Jackson who's the brother of Michael. Michael did have a brother nicknamed "Randy," but this is not his real name. Randy Jackson, Michael's youngest brother, actually has the first name of Steven.

Was Randy Jackson one of the Jackson 5?

there are two famous randy Jackson . the one thts in amrican idol was NOT in the Jackson five band . steven Jackson who also knwn as randy Jackson *Michael Jackson's youngest brother* were in the band for replacing Jermaine .

Was Randy Jackson Part Of The Jackson 5?

There are two Randy Jackson's, the youngest Jackson brother and the one from Ameircan Idol who is not related to them. Neither of them were in the Jackson 5.

How old is Randy Jackson?

Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson, youngest brother of MichaelJackson, is 56 years old (birthdate: October 29, 1961). Randy Jackson, bassist and an original host on American Idol, is 61years old (birthdate: June 23, 1956)

Who is American idols randy Jackson related to?

Randy Jackson (The American Idol judge) has no relation musically or genetically to Michael and Janet Jackson. This is cause for confusion because Michael Jackson DOES have a younger brother named Randy Jackson who was a member of The Jacksons. This Randy Jackson however is a private person and n (MORE)

Was randy Jackson in the Jackson 5?

There are two different men by the name of Randy Jackson. The American Idol judge was NOT in the Jackson 5. He was was born in 1956. The other Randy Jackson, born Steven Randall Jackson did often travel with his brothers, but did not join the group until Jermaine left in 1976 and the group bec (MORE)

What is net worth of randy Jackson?

\nDepends on which one it is:\n. \nMichael Jackson's brother Randy is probably worth only about $2-3 million (actually maybe $800,000-900,000 annual gross income after taxes per old Jackson 5 recording residuals).\n. \nAmerican Idol star Randy Jackson is currently worth between $25-35 million annu (MORE)

Can Randy Jackson sing?

Well, he was added to the Jackson's to step in in Jermaine's place. As shown on a documentary of the Jackson's life made by Jermaine Jackson. Jermaine was lead vocalist until Mcihael took the place. So Randy could sing.

Who is Michael jacksons brother randy?

Randy is the Youngest Jackson boy, and second Youngest child. he was born in 1961. He joined the Jacksons in 1975, when they left Motown for Epic. Jermaine stayed with Motown, so Randy took his place in the band.

Is Randy Jackson part of the Jackson Five?

Randy Jackson of American Idol is not related to the Jacksons, however the Jackson Five do have a brother named Randy, he was not in the group because he was too young. A few years later when the band became The Jackson Randy took Jermaine's place.

Is Randy Jackson a member of Journey?

Randy Jackson Is Not Currently A Member Of Journey. However, He Replaced Original Bassist Ross Valory In 1984, When Valory Was Fired From Journey Allegedly Over Creative Differences. Randy Jackson Appeared On The Raised On Radio Cd, Which Journey Began Recording In 1984. The Band Completed Recording (MORE)

Is Randy Jackson dead?

No, Randy Jackson is still alive and is currently the host of the famous series of singing competitions hosted by Ryan Seacrest called American Idol so he's still alive.

Does Randy Jackson have any siblings?

Can you be more specific as to which Randy Jackson? Randy Jackson of the Jacksons/Jackson 5 obviously has siblings. Then there is Randy Jackson the producer/American Idol judge and Randy Jackson the leader of rock band Zebra.

Where does Randy Jackson work?

Steven Randall Jackson is also known as Randy. He was part of theJackson 5 for many years, and even had his own solo career.Nowadays he stays out of the limelight.

Is randy Jackson the oldest?

Randy Jackson (not the one from American Idol, he isn't related to them) is the youngest out of the Jackson boys.

Has Randy Jackson got Kids?

Yes he has a daughter Taylor Born in 1995 from his 1st marriage and two children from his current marriage a daughter Zoe 14 and a son Jordan 12

Are there two Randy Jacksons?

It's a pretty common name. Just enter the name in the 'Ask' box above and you will get a list of 10 celebrity Randy Jacksons. Searching Facebook or MySpace will probably uncover dozens more.

Was randy Jackson in movies?

Randy Jackson is a tv personality who is a permanent judge on American Idol. He has appeared in and has established more reality shows than movies. However he has appeared in the films Soul Men, and America Idol Rewind.

Did Randy Jackson have a heart attack?

Yes, on June 15 2010, he was taken to a hospital because he was suffering from sharp chest pains, doctors believe that he had had a minor heart attack.

Is skai Jackson randy Jackson daughter?

No, just because their last names are the same, does not acquire that they are related. Micheal Jackson does have a daughter though, Paris-Micheal Katherine Jackson, this is his real daughter.