Is Randy Jackson of American Idol the same Randy Jackson of the Jackson 5ive?

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No, he was not. Randy was a nickname for Steven Randall Jackson. (Michael Jackson's younger brother)
Randy Jackson on American Idol is not in any way related to Michael Jackson and he isn't one of the Jackson brothers either.

Furthermore, Randy Jackson, Michael Jackson's brother was not a member of the Jackson 5ive because he was too young. He was a member of the group when they changed their name to The Jacksons and replaced Jermaine Jackson.
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Who is American idols randy Jackson related to?

Randy Jackson (The American Idol judge) has no relation musically or genetically to Michael and Janet Jackson. This is cause for confusion because Michael Jackson DOES have

Who is Randy Jackson of the Jackson 5ive?

There are two Randy Jacksons. One of them is an American Idol Judge. The other is the youngest brother of Michael Jackson, and a former member of the Jackson 5.