Is Spring warm like summer?

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Why do tornadoes most likely occur in summer spring?

Tornadoes need a combination of factors to form, and these factorsare often associated with thunderstorms, which are most likely tooccur in the warmer months. Factors include:

Why is spring warm?

because the earth is half facing the sun half facing away it isusually warm

Does a warm spring mean a hot summer?

It really depends. I know that last year we hit 70 in early April when the average Seattle high temp in April is 60ish. In May round Mother's day, we had a pesudo heatwave. Co

How warm can it get in spring?

It can get up to 100 degrees but it matters where because some places it is not worm in spring. From, Madalyn
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Do cats like it warm even in the summer?

yes and no because they like it warm better than cold but they don't like it to hot because i know that when ever it go out side they try to come inside and if they do i just
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Why is it warm in the spring?

The warming in spring (in the northern hemisphere, for in stance)happens as the earth tilts on its axis towards the sun, and thenorthern hemisphere faces the sun more directly
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Why does it get warm in spring?

Because the earth is on an axis and is constantly rotating. Whenthe earth is tilted (spring + summer) the sun can shine on ittherefore warming.