Is Yemen part of East Africa?

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While it is in close proximity to E. Afirca, and the Ny Times reports on Yemen in the Africa section fo tis website, Yemen is technically considered to be a part of Asia. It is not counted as one of the 53 African nations.
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Is Yemen part of the middle east?

Yes. Yemen is part of the middle east because where the middle east is located yemen is there . therefore yemen is part of the middle east

Is Yemen part of Africa?

No, Yemen is part of Asia. Some other Asian countries near Yemen are UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Israel, and Syria.

Why is Egypt a part of the middle east and not Africa?

Geographically speaking, most of Egypt is in Africa, but part of itextends into Asia. Egypt has territory on both sides of the SuezCanal, and the greater portion of the Sinai