Is a 50-20 duplex main circuit breaker adequate for a three bedroom house with 13 outlets?

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No! At this time I wouldn't have less than a 200 amp service for a 3 bedroom house. Keep in mind just because there is a place to plug "stuff" into doesn't mean there is enough capacity in the wiring to handle the load. Please call an electrician. The Fire Department call would be much more expensive.
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How many duplex outlets can be placed on one circuit?

for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. Circuit loading In North America there shall be not more that 12 outlets on any 2 wire branch circuit.

Why would all three outlets in a bedroom and the bathroom light lose power even if the breaker is reset?

Answer . Wires could be disconnected from the main fuse box. Check to see if you have any Ground Fault Outlets installed and ensure that all have been reset. It sounds like

Can you use a 15 amp 110 outlet on a 20 amp circuit as I am replacing my old outlets with new duplex ones and realized that three of my Kitchen outlets are on one 20 amp breaker?

Yes, you can use lower amperage outlets - the problem would come if you were trying to run a 20 amp appliance on a 15 amp circuit or plug a 20 amp appliance into a 15 amp outl

Can you use a 50 amp outlet on a circuit with a 60 amp breaker?

yes, It does not exceed its rating. No, The breaker rating exceeds the rating of the 50 amp outlet. The outlet is designed for a maximum rating of 50 amps. To trip the breake

What is a reusable circuit protector a circuit breaker - a fuse - a 10 gauge copper wire or a three prong outlet?

A circuit breaker is the only reusable circuit protector in thatlist. A fuse is also circuit protection, but it is not reusable. A length of wire can work like a fuse in som

What is the biggest circuit breaker in a house?

The biggest circuit breaker in any home is the main breaker located in your main breaker panel that is installed where your electrical service cable comes into your home.

What is main circuit breaker?

In North America it is code regulations that a breaker or fused disconnect be installed between the utility supply and the customers distribution equipment. A main circuit bre

How many standard outlets can be on a 20 amp circuit breaker?

First off there are instances when you can have only 1 outlet onthat circuit. If it is powering a microwave, refrigerator, washingmachine, garbage disposal, dish washer, or fr

Will my electrician need to run new wire from the outlet to the circuit breaker to change from a 50 amp to a 60 amp outlet?

Maybe not. Since there is no wire with a rating of 50 amps exactly there may be 60 amp wire already installed. Range's use a #8 wire with 50 amp range receptacle for its circu

What does a circuit breaker do for the safety of a house?

A circuit breaker sets a limit on the amount of amperage that can be applied to the circuit's conductor. This is why wires and breakers have amperage ratings. The wires ampaci