Is a roadrunner a cold blooded animal?

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No, a road runner is warmblooded animal because it is a type of bird.

Are cold blooded animals always cold?

This may not be highly accurate, but essentially: cold blooded justmeans that it's not "warm blooded". Warm blooded creatures have theability to metabolically regulate the tem

Are cold-blooded animals cold?

Only if the area were they are is cold. Cold-blooded means that they can't control their own body temperature so they usually rely on the sunshine for warmth and this is why t

Why do cold blooded animals have cold blood?

Cold-blooded creatures take on the temperature of theirsurroundings. They are hot when their environment is hot and coldwhen their environment is cold. In hot environments, co

What is the temperature of cold blooded animal?

cold blooded animals do not have any body temprature.mammals can maintain their body temprature to an almost constant.If cold bloods spend too much time in shade their blood w

Are exothermic animals cold blooded?

Yes, they are. The opposite exothermic animals are "endotherms." Endotherms can produce enough heat from chemical reactions within the body to maintain a constant body tempera
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What do cold-blooded animals do when they are cold?

Cold-blooded animals do feel cold when it's cold out. They move toa warmer area in order to regulate their body temperature.. cold-blooded animals are incapable of generating