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Is alimony and spousal support the same?

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Yes. Alimony is also called spousal support. Alimony is money paid to the ex-spouse who earns less. You can read more about it at the related link.
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What is Indiana law on spousal support and alimony if wife has no income?

  The state of Indiana does not have alimony. Spousal support must meet the following guidelines: IC 31-15-7-2 Findings concerning maintenance Sec. 2. A court may make

How is spousal support calculated?

  there are many factors to be considered :   Length of marriage   What each person needs   What each person pays and can pay   Whether having job makes it har

How do you get spousal support?

The only way to get spousal support is to have a judge award the  support during a divorce. An attorney can help you file the  necessary paperwork for spousal support.

What is retroactive spousal support?

  Often, the issues arises about the payment of spousal support for the period of time between the date of separation and the signing of the separation agreement or a cour

Is spousal support tax deductible?

Spousal support payments would not be deductible on your income tax return. Only Alimony payments would be deductible on your 1040 income tax return.

When can spousal support be terminated?

The termination of spousal support is determined by the court and is generally set forth in the separation agreement that is incorporated into the divorce decree. You need to

Can you still get spousal support if you were not married?

Probably not, the person under most U.S. state laws would not be considered a spouse if they were not legally married. There are a few states that still recognize common law m
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Where can one get a spousal support?

Spousal support can be granted during divorce proceedings in a court of law. Spousal support is often issued to the spouse either not working, or the spouse working the least