Is an Apple iPad better than an Android tablet?

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It depends on your preference. Personally I think that the apple ipad is better, but you should go to the store and try out both products to see which you like best.
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Is the iPhone better than the Google android?

Hard to say ... you know, Apple iPhone, that's a a lot of restrictions from apple ... Android is opensource - no restrictions .... iPhone is heavily restricted, Android isn't. There's only 4 iPhones, Android has hundreds. iPhone isn't very customizable, Android is. iPhone can't install Custom ROM (MORE)

What is better than the iPad?

This is more of an opinionated question, but like Steve Jobs said, "This is the year of the copycats." If you have/have not seen the commercials lately, there was one for Samsung, Blackberry, and many other companies that have used the same idea as Apple, but instead label it as a "tablet". It is st (MORE)

Is iPad better than iPhone?

Well it depends what you are looking for, really. I have an iPadwhich is really good for apps and and surfing the web, plus it'seasy to type on and easy to use. iPhones are just as good really,they are a small version of iPads and they are a phone as well,they have apps and are easy to use and easy (MORE)

Is iPad better than a PC?

The iPad is a personal computer. (PC) It is aimed at a segment of the computing market that has not so far been very successful. So far, the iPad has proven to be successful.

Is the iPad better than the iPhone?

The iPad and iPhone are two devices with similar functions. Each is better in some ways than the other. Small size can be an advantage. Large size can be an advantage. --------- They are the same.. Both are powered by iOs. The only difference is the screen size. Check the sources BELOW to help (MORE)

Is an iPhone better than an iPad?

ipad is much better than iPhone because of the screen size and ipad is much faster than iPhone . Ipad also had better camera. But iPhone is the best phone in the world. Apple the best

Is an iPad better than a laptop?

ipad can better than a laptop. ipad is like a mini laptop version with less functions, ipads can also not open many websites using the Internet but on the other hand there are some apps* which can be downloaded on an ipad but not on a laptop .laptops can also store more information than an ipad. (MORE)

Is blackberry better than Android?

No. Android has far better applacations, hardwear, layout and performance. Blackberry app world has just over 500 aplactions, whereas android market had over 3000,000. Blackerry are also prone to slugish behaviour and constant freezing. I'd recomend an android, as you'll get a much better smartphone (MORE)

Is Android better than iPhone?

It depends. But in my opinion Android is a little better, because it is more affordable and has a slightly better operating system. But the two are about the same.

Is Android better than apple?

Note that this question asks for an opinion. Below the line is one opinion. The comment about the type of glass would refer to a particular hardware manufacturer. There are many manufacturers who make devices which run Android (Motorola, HTC, Samsung, to name a few). There is only one hardware manuf (MORE)

Is Android better than ios?

Depends on your criteria e.g. For Apps: Apple, For More Freeness Android is In my opinion who has an android phone and a iPod touch I think android is better

What is better the Android tablet or the iPad?

Just around a year back it was all about Apple and its products like iPad, iPhone, iPod touch etc these all products are iOS based and no doubt Apple made the finest quality but now scenario is completely different. Apple has lost its influential image. Android has changed the whole concept for Tabl (MORE)

Which is better a iPod touch or android tablet?

It depends on what you want out of the device...Also if you want something cool and your in your teen or older years, an android tablet is the best. An Ipod is good but it cost so much and the only way you could get the music and videos and to start it up, you must have itunes. Some people cant g (MORE)

Which is better and iPad or tablet?

It all depends on your needs. If you need (or want) to play a Flash video, then an iPad will not be your best choice, as Apple does not allow Flash to run on it. You will have to determine which particular device and operating system will best fit your needs. Apple has the most apps, but those apps (MORE)

Is an iPad better than a tablet?

NO, Apple just intises you to buy things, but they are not neccesarily better. I have a Blackberry Tablet, it is fine and like 300$ cheaper. They both have apps, for free and to buy, go to a technical store for compare. A ipad is a tablet. The only thing is that it is apples version of a tablet. I (MORE)

Is apple better than android?

The question asks for an opinion. Below is one answerer's opinion. There may be others. See the discussion section, for example.... . No, because with Apple you have to buy the ipad or iphone which are the only devices you can buy, and there are both very expensive. With Android you have more devic (MORE)

Which apps better android or apple?

apple apps r better bcuz i had the iphone and an android phone and i typed in grand theft auto however i got a ton from apple and none from android thats stupid becuz apple haz it and android dosent so prefer apple

Is the iPad 2 better than the iPad?

Yes. The iPad 2 is definitely better than the original iPad. First because of the most obvious differences that it now has a front facing camera and back one for facetime and movie recording. Secondly it is also considerably thinner than the previous generation wich had a sort of wobble when you put (MORE)

Is iphone better than Android phones?

short answer: No Long answer: Because of the overwhelming growth of the Android platform in number of devices, apps and supported products, the iPhone and apple have been slow to react. in this slowness, they made the fatal error that the android platform was just a small bump in the smartphone (MORE)

Is books better than iPads?

its all an opinion some people prefer to read than play a game on an i-pad there is no which on is better... just which one youd rather do

Are nookcolor better than iPads?

Actually, They are pretty much the same. You can read, download books, watch movies and videos, play games, and do much more just like the ipad. The good thing is that the NookColor is cheaper than the ipad. I know because i have one.

Which is better a iPad or a tablet?

It depends on what you want to use it for, an iPad is good for multi functionality, While some tablets like the blackberry playbook are based around different uses.

Is an Android better than iPhone?

No. Your iPhone may be a little delicate without a case, but in OS terms, your iPhone will last two years without being overridden with dangerous software or thrown against the wall in anger.

Which is better android tablet or Kindle Fire?

An Android tablet is way better. All Android tablets are more customizable, have cameras, voice commands, faster processors, have more internal memory, more external memory, more apps, accept flash drives, SD cards, and more. Some Android tablets even have 4G LTE. The Kindle Fire does not offer any (MORE)

Is Android better than Windows?

Android is for phones, while Windows is for computers. Totally different devices. If you meant Android vs Windows Phone 7, then I don't know

Is an iPhone better than an android?

IPhone 5 has WAY BETTER quality in video footage and pictures. Android however lacks appearance and awesomeness!!! Get an iPhone 5 if you can!

Is iPad better than a MacBook?

They are used for different things. A macbook is used for more work related things whereas an ipad is used for more casual, entertainment purposes. You can however get pages, numbers and keynote on the ipad but it is quite hard to use and expensive. If you are looking to use one for work definitely (MORE)

Why is an iPad better than a Laptop?

The ipad weight less than the laptop. . you don't have to wait a lot of time 2 log in. . the ipaid you can draw and color the drawing . . you can make your own drawing. . you can download game and etc. . you touch the screen with your own hand.

Why android is better than iOS?

They have better and notifications and slightly better customization. According to the charts, that has not been enough to please the users though.

Is a nook better than a iPad?

Yes because you can read books on nooks and listen to music record videos play games and buy albums of your favorite artist

Android vs Apple which is better?

It really comes down to personal preference between an Android device and an iOS based device. Both devices offer touch sentive navigation, have quality app stores, fast Internet browsing, email and navigation. Recently Android based systems pulled ahead of iOS due to larger screen sizes supported b (MORE)

Is Xbox better than iPad?

You cannot really compair these two devices as there aimed at different markets. So the best device is the one that suits your needs best.

What you can not do on iPad that you can do on android tablet?

Run Android apps. Since there are many manufacturers of Android hardware, the capabilities vary from one model to another. Some Android tablets have expandable memory, some have USB ports for external hardware. There aren't nearly as many apps available on an Android tablet, so if you want to (MORE)

How android is better than java?

This is not really a good comparison. It's like asking if a telephone is better than a TV. OK, well Android is an operating system, based on Linux (similar to Unix). Java is a programming language - a set of rules that programmers use to create the programs (apps). The operating system controls the (MORE)

Is the Surface better than an iPad?

There is no clear cut answer, but if you are buying a tablet for primarily games and entertainment, then buy the iPad. If you want a tablet with free office 2013, a usb 2.0 port, mini hdmi, and a built in kick stand, then the surface is the better choice. (great for students!)

Where can one compare an Android tablet PC to the Apple iPad?

There are many places to find good reviews and comparisons of various Android tablets and the Apple iPad. A good online source is CNET. One of the most well known print publications for product reviews including technology is Consumer Reports, which is also available online.

Is an android better than a iOS?

Yes, apple has a lot less customisation features than android, android allows you to do a lot more and has a better design. This is coming from someone who used to use apple w u I then found Samsung and now only ever uses android

What are the differences between an Android internet tablet and an iPad?

First of all, the iPad is a single product, while the Android tablet is a collection of different products. Android tablets run on Android, while the iPad runs in iOS. Ipad doesn't support flash, while Android does. The Ipad doesn't support true multitasking, while the Android does. The Ipad has mor (MORE)

Is android or apple better?

Yeah, now time the android phone is stand on the fist stage forphones. The apple is not good compare with it high price. While theandroid smartphone use the low price and also buy the some featureapple's phone feature. So, more and more people like buy thesmartphone android phone.