Is an external interface a boundary between products within a system model that are controlled by the developer?

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No that is not the definition of an external interface.
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What is production control system?

A production control system is a mechanism used in handlingmaterials, parts, and assemblies from their raw state to finishedproduct. This mechanism is normally in the form of a computersystem.

What are the differences between internal fertilization and internal and external development of fertilized eggs?

Internal fertilization takes place inside the body of the female. It is necessary for animals which live on land (terrestrial animals) and is retained by aquatic animals descended form terrestrial ancestors eg whales and dolphins. External fertilization takes place outside the body of the female. (MORE)

What is interface control information?

This Interface Control Document (ICD) defines the requirements related to the interface between the Space Segment (SS) of the Global Positioning System

How does the OS provide interface between user and hardware system?

As we know that the OS is used to operate every device through the drivers present in the OS. So without the OS we cannot communicate with the devices (hardware). For every device some drivers are required to run them and these drives are provided by the operating system. So by this we can see that (MORE)

Difference between product development and product re-engineering?

Probably a rather philosophical question, but if you want to make a quote it is the difference between an architect and a construction worker. Engineers design a framework and decide how the building works in its entirety and how it interconnects with the outside world and programmers execute the ma (MORE)

Why did farmers need to develop a system to control their water supply?

Irrigation is a system that was needed to transport water to asection of land that is being used to grow crops. This system iscontrolled because there is such a thing as too much water and toolittle: Too much and the plants will drown, too little and theplants will not grow or be stunted..

What is the difference between protocol and service interface in ISO-OSI 7 layer model?

first of all your question is wrong...there is not a difference kind of thing bw protocol and interface.let me show you how.... each protocol has two interfaces 1.service interface. 2.peer to peer interface. 1.service interface is works in the layered architecture of a node. two layers of a protoc (MORE)

What is the difference between production control and process control?

Production control involves the systematic planing, co-ordinating and directing of manufacturing activities to ensure that good are made on time, of adequate quality and at reasonable cost. Process control on the other hand, is the production of materials through the use of ICT systems. An example (MORE)

What is a locus of control and what is the difference between an internal and external locus of control?

Locus of Control refers to the extent to which individuals believe that they can control events that affect them. Individuals with a high internal locus of control believe that events result primarily from their own behavior and actions. Those with a high external locus of control believe that power (MORE)

What is the difference between product development and service development?

Product based company will be involved in the development of Product like a Telecom Product or Billing Product etc., Microsoft is a Product based company. Service Based company will be involved in the development of Application which will used to serve the various sectors such as Insurance, Health (MORE)

Difference between product design and product development?

In today's business environment the term Product Design and Product Development are interchangeable; they mean the same thing. Recently corporations have blurred the lines of when Design stops and Development begins as more companies adopt new and current processes. Some might say that Design is the (MORE)

What is the formal transformation systems development life cycle model?

This is one of many software development models. Use this model, the development only need to convert the requirement from customer to the model language then use automated tool to generate executable program. To do this, the tool do the transformation has to general enough to describe the problem e (MORE)

What is the town that has the solar system model within it?

A scale model of the solar system is called an "orrery". There are a number of orreries of various sizes in cities around the world. In the UK - There is one at Shoreham, another at York and a canal walk in Somerset. Possibly the worlds largest scale model covers the whole of the UK and Northern I (MORE)

Would it be possible for the user to develop a new command interpreter using the system call interface provided by the operating system?

It reads commands from the user or from a file of commands and executes them, usually by turning them into one or more system calls. It is usually not part of the kernel since the command interpreter is subject to changes. An user should be able to develop a new command interpreter using the system- (MORE)

The computer relies on an operating system to provide the interface for interaction between what three things?

An operating system has three main functions: (1) manage the computer's resources, such as the central processing unit, memory, disk drives, and printers, (2) establish a user interface, and (3) execute and provide services for applications software. Keep in mind, however, that much of the work of a (MORE)

Who developed a geocentic model of the earths solar system?

While Nicolas Copernicus is widely credited with developing the idea of the Sun-centered or "heliocentric" model of the solar system, the original idea was published nearly 2000 years earlier by the Greek astronomer and mathematician Aristarchus of Samos.

What is Difference between process control and product control?

Process control deals with the specific process algorithms,architecture, and mechanisms in engineering production to keep aspecific output. Product control is used in banking at trade desksfor doing accounting and reporting, monitoring, and maintaining theactivities of trading portfolios.

Difference between internal and external control?

ØInternal control. •Allows motivated individuals and groups to exercise self-discipline in fulfilling job expectations.. ØExternal control. •Occurs through personal supervision and the use of formal administrative systems..

What is the boundary between the solar system and interstellar space?

The Solar System has no predefined limits. Generally the limit of the Solar System and interstellar space is at a place called the Roche limit where our own Sun's gravitational influence is diminished by another - usually star - interstellar object. This boundary is generally accepted to be (MORE)

How your understanding of the solar system developed from geocentric and heliocentric models?

early Greeks (600bc - ad150) established a geocentric model that placed the earth in the middle of the revolving solar system. it was popular because human instinct believes so highly of itself, why would you place our rock in anyother than the center if there was no proof otherwise? it was later th (MORE)

Is interface modeling a good agency?

No! Scam alert! InterFace representatives defraud families that they find at malls or theme parks. They give false hope to children and charge parents thousands of dollars for poorly executed photo shoots. The owner Mr. Vintfeld has been involved in lawsuits in two different states and the compa (MORE)

What are external interface requirements?

External interface requirements are the basically final page that apears in front of the user related to his or her activities which he/she can performed in that application.