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It is not the safest way because it is major surgery. Women should only have it if they need it.
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What is the opposite of caesarean?

There is no direct opposite. The choice is normal labor (vaginal delivery) or surgical delivery.

If yogurt has been unrefrigerated by store or delivery method is it safe to eat?

  That would depend on the quality of the yogurt, how long it has been unrefrigerated and how much it might have been mishandled before. When you realize that yogurt is

How many weeks in pregnanacy is safe for delivery?

  36 to 42 weeks is considered full-term. Anything before 36 weeks is considered premature. Preemies have all sorts of problems. Generally, the earlier the baby, the great

Where does the word caesarean section derive from?

The word comes from the name Caesar. It was thought that the first Caesar had been cut from his mother's womb, and that the name Caesar was derived from the verb caedo, to cu

Is it safe to use a IUCD after a caesarean section?

It really depends on how long after your caesarean. It is best to ask your doctor, it is nearly impossable to tell how much someone has healed and if they are redy to do that

What does caesarean birth mean?

  An unnatural birth. A natural birth is when the baby is born through the vagina, a caesarean birth is when the baby is born by cutting at the bottom part of a womens sto

Can you have more than 3 caesareans?

In theory, you can, but it is highly recommended not to. Performing surgery in an area that has been operated on before, is always harder (bleeding, scar tissue, disrupted ana

Can you choose a caesarean?

In some cases, surgical delivery is not an option. In others, there may be less risk in one procedure (labor vs. caesarean) than the other. Only your doctor or obstetrician ca

Can you request to have caesarean section?

The doctors and nurses will asses your risks and will make that decision when your in labor. C- sections are for women who cannot push the baby out vaginally. If you can then

Can you have natural childbirth after two Caesarean deliveries?

This is possible, depending on the reasons for you to have had a C-section to start with. If a long time (several years) has passed since the last C-section, then it is more
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How do you have a safe delivery?

Eat well throughout the pregnancy with lots of fresh fruit and veggies. Stick within the approved weight range. Don't even think about drinking or smoking. And stay away from
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When is a caesarean section necessary?

There are a number of reasons one may need to have a cesarean section. Some of the most common reasons include placenta previa, breech position, fetal distress and failure to

When was the first caesarean performed?

As far as we know, the first caesarian was performed in 320 BC. It's possible that the procedure was used before then, but we'll never know because it was either not recorded