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Is codeine safe in third trimester pregnancy?

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Is codeine safe during pregnancy?

  Technically, no. It is listed as pregnancy risk category C. Researching via Google shows there are not many, if any, clinical testing for pregnant women who take codei

What are all the symptoms of pregnancy in the third trimester?

Loss of appetite OR appetite increase   Exhaustion   Get hot easily   Sweat more and also sweat more easily   Back ache   Braxton Hicks contractions   Needin

Is smoking weed in the third trimester of pregnancy safe?

no it is not. just like hookah or cigarettes or alcohol your baby can get high with you through your blood and the weed will be very bad for his or her developing brain and bo

Why do you have abdominal cramps in third trimester of pregnancy?

  That is called braxton hicks contractions not real contractions mind you but a preview of what your contractions are gonna be like its the first step right before you ha

Is it safe to take prednisone in the third trimester of pregnancy?

My grandaughter has ITP and her platlett count last week was 42,000  down from 92,000 the week prior. The last pegnancy they gave her  gamma treatments. She had Medicaid dur

What is the third trimester of a cows pregnancy?

The third trimester of a cow would be days 195 to 285 of a cow's gestation period. This is a critical period of a cow's pregnancy because the calf is growing more in size than

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What happens in the third trimester of pregnancy?

Babies start putting on some weight, starting at about 2.25 poundsand moving closer to the average birth weight of around 7 pounds.They now have eyelashes and can blink their