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It is 100 percent legal to download songs off ThisSongIsSick, all of the music on the website that are available for download are mixtapes, or remixes that are released for free. Usually this music is for promotional purposes.
Here are some other sites for discovering music:

UpperClassBeats.com - Dance, Rap, Techno, Dubstep, Alternative

HotNewHipHop.com - Title explains it
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Is it legal to download songs from Morpheus?

Answer   Generally no. Morpheus is a file sharing program, if you are uploading or downloading copyrighted material, then it is illegal according to your country's laws.

Where can you legally download songs in Telugu?

Answer   www.coolgoose.com   Hope this helps     Download free Telugu video songs comedy bits, movie clips, much more at http://www.eenaduclassified.com/telugu

Is downloading songs from plunder.com legal?

  no if they catch you downloading in that site the company of the computer you have is going to detect it and then you are get in too much trouble with the police because

Where can you download free songs legally?

There are online website available for downloading music but all  not legal. But here I am going to suggest you a site from you can  download legal songs.   Website -djp

Is downloading songs from eMule legal?

eMule is a tool to transfer files - like FTP/HTTP - and is therefore legal. However as for every tool, that doesn't means that every possible usage is legal.  In nearly all c