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Dubstep is a genre of music originating from reggae style music. Today, it is usually upbeat songs which rely heavily on extremely low bass and usually have a unique sound distortion called a bass wobble. Synths are also a necessary component. Dubstep is created using high tech audio mixing equipment, software, turntables, synthesizers etc. As an extreme type of electronic music most closely related to the 'Drum and Bass' genre.

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What are some good dubstep channels?

-DubstepFromGod -UKF dubstep -dubsteptunez -Dubstepmix -JESUSdiedForDubstep ...
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Who made the first dubstep song and when?

Benga & Skream - The Judgement 2003 The earliest dubstep releases date back to 1998. The sound of dubstep originally came out of productions by El-B, Steve Gurley, Oris Jay, and Zed Bias. ...
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Who invented dubstep?

The sound of dubstep originally came out of productions by El-B, Steve Gurley,Oris Jay, and Zed Bias in 1999-2000. Ammunition Promotions, who run the influential club night Forward>> and have managed many proto dubstep record labels (including Tempa, Soulja, Road, Vehicle, Shelflife, Texture, Lifestyle and Bingo), began to use the term "dubstep" to describe this style of music in around 2002. The term's use in a 2002 XLR8R cover story (featuring Horsepower Productions on the cover) contributed to it becoming established as the...
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What are the lyrics to flux pavilion lines in wax?

You never of a guy or a team in the scene that can flow like thisss,.. You never seen anybody on the scene that can hold a track down like thisss!! Everytime when i rhythm on a track your bank blowing up in your bits.. Every line that i write on the wax get sign when it off in the mixxx!! ...
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Mixcraft 5 registration code?

The registration code is purchasable at www.acoustica.com for 74.95.
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What software is best for creating dubstep?

FL Studio. As for one opinion. But many use Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, Abelton Live, Garage Band, Sonar X1 and many others. Logic and Garage Band have large followings. ...
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Is dubstep mainstream?

Depending on the artist, it can be. The only artist that would fit in the category "mainstream" is Skrillex. But there are other artists like Burial or newer ones like Obsidia that don't fall in this category. Other artists like Alex Clare, are very popular, but dont count as full dubstep, since they just use some elements of it and combine it with other elements from other genres. ...
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What songs do remote kontrol dance to?

If you go to the soundcloud website and search for Remote Kontrol you can find some of the tracks they listen to their. ...
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What instruments are in dub- step?

Wobble bass and HUGE subs
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Why is dubstep made?

Dubstep is made to please the pop community, as it is currently the popular sound. ...
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What dubstep song starts out with a fast techno beat then drops the same beat in dubstep then at the end drops the same beat as a guitar riff?

Its hard to tell from an explanation as many dubstep songs have similar instrumentals and sounds, but devised from the guitar riff it sounds like it could be a remix of an alternative or rock song. Listen in the song for vocals, and then google what vocals you can pick out and see all the remixes DJ's have done and proceed to look them up on youtube until you find what appears to be the one you were looking for. That's all...
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What is a drop in dubstep?

The Bit , Normally near the start where there is a beat playin then it "Drops" into the Dubstep part ...
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What is the best software for dubstep basslines?

The most popular these days is Native Instruments Massive. It is GREAT for any type of electronic music. ...
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What website to download dubstep songs from?

YouTube channel LessThan3Dubstep regularly uploads dubstep songs that include free download links in the description box. SoundCloud is a good place to start when looking for free music downloads. ...
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What is a good dubstep radio station?

paranoise radio plays some of the freshest tunes. ---> www.paranoiseradio.com PumpYouUp streams much dubstep and other genres. ---> www.pumpyouup.com ...
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Is Dubstep illegal?

Dubstep is not illegal, it is a type of music but is not known as a genre yet. It is a loud type of music mainly bass types Dubstep listeners call Wub Wubs. Dubstep can not cause damage to a human body but can damage hearing if played at loud volumes. No. ...
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What year was dubstep created?

The very first song was tracked back to 1998
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Why do people always drop things?

Because of dubstep
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Is Dubstep music mainstream?

Yes it is one of the most mainstream music genres currently in the world.
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Who created dubstep?

Dusbtep became popular around 2010 thanks to mainstream musician "Skrillex". But, he did not create it. Dubstep is a sub-genre of "Dub" and "2-Step" which are sub-genre's of Electronic Music. Dubstep was first thought up by an unknown British musician who visited Jamaica in the late 80's and heard the heavy bass from the over-used speakers. He went home and purposly distorted his speakers and made heavy bass lines and it made "Dubstep". Over the years as technology got better and computers...
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Is dubstep the same as electro and or techno?

They are similar because they are both sub-genres of electronic music, but are not the same genre. ...
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What is the difference between dubstep and techno?

Techno has the "UNCE UNCE" in their songs.....Dubstep doesn't have UNCE instead it has WuBBBwUBBBBBwwwuuuubbbWUBBB and it drops the BASS... ^----not correct the difference is in the synthesis. techno follows beat and rhythm and just simple beeps that are designed to come from a synthesizer in many different technological noises but still flowing around the basic "beeps" and "bops" people usually associate the "unce" with techno but all the "unce" is, is a simple bass kick with modified bass usually the "treble high and...