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Ego can be either good or bad. If you have an ego, than you must control it and not let it control you. You must have enough ego to have self confidence and to get noticed, but not to the point where people roll their eyes when you enter a room.

Everyone considered as sane has a sense of oneself which is considered their ego.
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What is an ego?

The ego is your consciousness of your own identity, or the conscious mind. Basically, your ego is related to your confidence level; if you have a big ego, your confidence is h

What is ego?

In Latin, 'ego' means 'I'. For the English translation, ego is the belief in one's self, usually an exaggerated feeling of pride and superiority over others.

What is the good in bad?

The good in bad is being able to take what you have and try to make the most positive thing that you can from it.

Is ego good or bad fr ones personality?

Ego can be BOTH good and bad. On the one hand it is said that all our suffering comes from our ego. We can have different expectations of outcomes, the divide between the tw

What good is bad?

  bad is just making the world how it is.think about how the world woulb be perfect

Is good bad?

Being good is not bad, and being bad is not good! Wikicom is good and bad. Good because it's interesting, challengingand you learn stuff; bad because you spend too much time

What is bad and what is good?

the things that are good in the BBC news is the people who present it. they do it so the news chaches peolpes eyes so they can pass the story on.The bad thing is that hearing

Who have a ego?

The persons who thinks that i am the supreme power i can do anything i am rich etc.etc. have a huge amount of ego

Is having an alter ego bad?

When an alter ego is someone, not yourself, who is the opposite to you, that is neither good nor bad. If that other self is embedded in you, then it still is not necessarily a

How can ego psychology help establish good family relationship?

Freudian psychology dictates that the ego is the realistic part of the mind that mediates between the pleasure principle ("who cares the consequences, I want to be happy") of

Is Cyanobacteria good or bad if good or bad what does it do that is good or bad?

Answer 1   yes because it could cause a very bad disease.    Answer 2   There are thousands if not millions of varieties of cyanobacteria.  Most are entirely n
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Does single men have bad egos?

"Some single men do have bad egos, however, so do some married men. Each individual has their strengths and weaknesses. That is what makes the world such an interesting place.