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Is filing a false police report a felony?

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I believe this might be lying to an officer of the court or lying to a police officer, but it might also fall under fraud or perjury. If it was a federal court, it might also fall under lying to a federal police officer -- remember Martha Stewart?

I'd bet that nearly ALL of these charges could be leveled in some circumstances. There could also be charges of federal mail fraud if it cross state lines.

I'm not a lawyer, so these are all guesses. Either a District Attorney, prosecutor, or a criminal defense attorney should be able to provide more details. It really depends on where you are and who you are. If you're a police officer, filing a false report is generally a misdeameanor and you will not be found guilty. On the other hand, if you don't have a good lawyer, you might find yourself guilty of a misdeameanor and in jail for a few days.
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What do you do if someone files a false police report naming you as suspect?

Reports to police fall under criminal, not civil, since anyone unfortunate enough to have experience will tell you. When the police are called on a civil matter, they tell you

Penalty for filing false police report NJ?

Ex-fiance made a false statement when police showed up at her residence,disrupting my court ordered visitation.She said my sons therapist was not to see me because he is afrai

MI penalty for filing false police report?

Im not sure exactly what Michigan law is, but in most cases you would have to do 100-500 hours of community service as long as you have no priors--haven't been in trouble befo

What are the charges for filing a false police report?

Purposely, you'll be fired or suspended. Accidently nothing will happen except "Don't let it happen again",or "That's okay". thats not true my son was taken to the police stat
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Can you sue for filing a false police report?

If someone names you as a criminal and you are then arrested, but the report was false, then you can sue the person who lied to the police. However, there typically have to be
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What is file false police report?

Example: i call the police and report my car stolen when it is sitting in my garage.. that's a false police report and id go to jail if they found out i was lying.
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What is the bond amount for filing a false police report?

    This will depend on many things including but not limited too:     What the false report was   Who made the false report   Why you made the false repo