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Lemon and honey in hot water is a traditional Chinese sore throat treatment. Use enough to flavor it like a hot tea. Honey is known to have antibacterial properties. Lemon is high in vitamin C. The warm drink just feels good going down. If you are not fond of lemon, lime would probably be a good substitute. Although, it has about half the vitamin C of a lemon.

Just a caution, if you have asthma, many doctors recommend that you stay away from honey. It is a trigger for some asthmatics.
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Is Chocolate good for sore throat?

It depends on the chocolate. The milkier the chocolate, the worse it is for your throat. Milk actually sticks to the lining of your throat and can make the soreness worse.

What is good for sore throats?

Anything hot is really good for a sore throat. Tea with Honey, Water, Hot Water, Gargling hot water with salt is good. Surprisingly Gatorade is good too! DO NOT drink milk or

Is peroxide good for sore throat?

No, peroxide is dangerous to your health and has no beneficial effect whatsoever. If anything, it will damage your throat more, possibly giving it permanent chemical scarring.

Are spices good for sore throat?

Only herbs like basil, thyme, and oregano are good for a sore throat. Other spices like pepper will hurt your sore throat even more.

Is honey good for sore throats?

it temporarily helps your throat, it soothes it for a couple minutes because of the thick substance, i would suggest any kind of warm tea, you can mix honey into it but get so

Does honey get rid of sore throat?

Well, actually drink hot milk mixed with honey. Honey and lemon juice or eat food with the seasoning of black pepper in it. See more methods to get rid of a sore throat in

What liquor is good for a sore throat?

whiskey A few years back I had a horrible sore throat, the kind that was so bad you couldn't eat or drink because it was so painful. I was on vacation at the time and someon

Is lemonade good for a sore throat?

Citrus drinks like orange juice, lemonade, strait lemon or lime  juice, with a bit of honey, are good soothers for a sore throat.  Hot fluids such as coffee or tea can help