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Is it bad to suffer from vaginal dryness when you are pregnant?

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Completely Normal This is completely normal. Talk to your doctor to releive any discomfort.
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Is vaginal dryness a symptom of pregnancy?

  Answer   No. Many women of all ages can have this problem. Some women due to their chemistry just don't produce enough discharge and when they have intercourse th

What is the remedy for vaginal dryness?

Using an applicator like comes with lotrimin cream or any yeast infection product, you insert plain yogurt for 4-7 days at bed time. This will restore the natural bacterial ba

What are the leading causes of vaginal dryness?

Causes   A variety of conditions can cause vaginal dryness. Determining the cause is key to helping you find an appropriate solution. Potential causes include:   Decre

Do women have vaginal dryness after a hysterectomy?

Vaginal dryness is common in women after hysterectomy or menopause  due to hormonal changes. There are options to help, including  hormone replacement therapy and other prod

What is the ICD 9 code for vaginal dryness?

627.3 only applies to postmenopausal woman. for general vaginal dryness, you need to use a symptom code such as 625.8 (625 codes include pain and other symptoms of the female
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Can veet cause vaginal dryness?

Yes, it can and not only dryness, it can also cause lots of irritation and vaginal infections. Veet and similar hair removal products have a lot of chemicals, it's okay to use

Is it good for irritation of penis caused by vaginal dryness?

It is never good for a man to experience penile irritation. When it is due to vaginal dryness, it is not good for the female either. On a man, it can cause redness, burning an