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Is it best to use valley flashing or shingle over the valley on roof?

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shingle overlap when properly attached is best for valley water run-off
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What is the best color for roofing shingles?

  Answer   Depends where you live. If you are in a warm climate, a dark roof would absorb the heat. In Arizona, many of us have white roofs to reflect the heat. For loo

How do you roof a valley of a roof?

a weaved valley: you run one shingle at least 6inches past the valley onto the opposite side of the valley from each side all the way up alternating them each time so they o

How do you put shingles in valley of roof?

run the shorter rafter section first, unless you are running a flatter section like a porch then run the flatter section first. you will run all the way up on the first side

Can you install metal roof over shingle?

  Should'nt be a problem as long as there's only one or two layers of shingles already on and the weight's not a problem. If the shingles are in fairly good shape, they'll

What is a valley on a roof?

a valley is where two sections of a roof meet to form an inside corner . example a gable (peak) porch coming out of the center of a roof in the front of your house would have

Can tile roof be installed over shingle?

No. You should rip the shingle roof off. Tile needs to have a smooth surface that is solid and sound. Shingles do not offer this. Depending on where you live you may want

Valley- what are the uses of these valleys?

Valley defined as an elongated region or strip of land that is lower than surrounding areas; most often made by the erosive action of a river or glacier. Also see U-Shaped Val

How do you install roof open valley?

You need to start by running a piece of ice and water shield 36" wide up the valley against the wood, then run felt on the shorter rafter side and lap past the valley 12"-18",

How do you roof a valley on a metal roof?

Valley trim is usually installed onto the roof preceding the actual  roofing panels. If you are using standard panels with W-Valley trim  (or similiar) the Valley trim is sc