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Is it common after leaving the abusive relationship to be in denial about the fact that you were actually treated that badly and constantly question whether or not these things both mentally and physically happened to you?

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Yes, it is very common. Denial is a first line defense against trauma.
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How do you know if you are in a mentally abusive relationship?

Review the warning signs and decide for yourself.       A mentally abusive relationship caused two 'feelings' in me. I reacted with confusion to a pattern of speech t

What happens when two abusers form a relationship?

Answer . All hell breaks loose! An abuser wants constant control in order to control the environment around them (they feel safer.) Putting two abusers together is one gi

If your husband treats you like a child and tells you things like not to leave the sponge in the sink is he being controlling manipulative or abusive?

Answer . \nHe sounds like either he's a "neat freak" and a complainer (just like the movie "The Odd Couple" where one is as neat as a pin and the other a slob) or, he's a

How do you convince a friend to leave an abusive relationship?

That is a hard question and not the easiest thing to deal with, esspecially if your friend thinks it is their fault or that things are not that bad. Talk to them let them hear

Is it possible or common for both people in a relationship to be abusive like a perpetuating cycle and is there any hope for a healthy relationship?

  There is hope !!   Only if both parties are willing to get help and work through their issues. I know a couple that did, but it takes *a lot* of work. Yet, if you

What should you do if your husband only threatens you physically when you threaten to leave him otherwise he constantly talks about how much he loves you yet he has ruined you both financially?

  It seems to me that he is a controlling person and when you threaten to leave him he doesn't know how to handle it and threatens with physical abuse. Eventhough he is a

How is physical and mental abuse defined?

Physical abuse is one or more episodes of aggressive behavior, usually resulting in physical injury with possible damage to internal organs, sense organs, the central nervous

How do you help your daughter leave an abusive relationship but she is in denial and won't listen or reach out to the domestic violence hotline or centers?

  Answer   everyone tried helping me when i was in that situation. denial was my biggest thing. one day i just got fed up and found the strength to leave.  she prob

Do men get physically and mentally abused?

Answer . Yes, more often than women or men think. Most men are brought up not to hit women and stick to that practice so when a man is hit, slapped, shoved, scratched or h

How do you prove mental abuse in a relationship?

I think that it is very difficult in most if not all states and court rooms. I do think that mental abuse is far worse than physical, which is recognized. Physical abuse, can

Why it's difficult to leave an abusive relationship?

There's a mulititude of reasons why it would be hard to leave an abusive relationship. In many cases it's psychological. Sometimes it's that the abused party in the relationsh

What is Physical or Mental abuse to a child?

The kid feels insecure, threaten, kids might pee in the bed, loneliness, might were big clothes in a summers day to hide stuff! Often smells that come off an abuse kid might g

Why do you keep going back to a mental abusive relationship?

I used to ask the same question. In fact I was in an abusive relationship and asked that question about other women I knew. No one in their right mind would stay with a man or

How common is abuse in relationships?

This is hard to answer because many people do not bother to report the abuse to authorities, for many reasons. To give you an idea of the size of the problem, 30% of women are