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Is it common after leaving the abusive relationship to be in denial about the fact that you were actually treated that badly and constantly question whether or not these things both mentally and physically happened to you?

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Yes, it is very common. Denial is a first line defense against trauma.
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How do you know if you are in a mentally abusive relationship?

Review the warning signs and decide for yourself. A mentally abusive relationship caused two 'feelings' in me. I reacted with confusion to a pattern of speech that my abuser

If you're on the prowl and looking fine can abusive men pick up on the fact that you were just treated badly?

Answer . You may be on the prowl and looking fine, but you're headed for dangerous turf. Some men can smell these qualities a mile away, so don't be "A cat on a hot tin ro

What should you do if you're infatuated with the man who got you pregnant but he constantly treats you badly but you want to work things out for the baby?

Answer . Infatuated with a person is not love. He has an abusive character and because you are pregnant this will just make matters worse. His behavior is telling you that

If somesome states they are living in an abusive relationship what abuses are being perpertrated against them with reference to physical mental verbal monetary abuse?

Answer . You sound like the type of person that disects problems to the inth degree, but, also you are curious enough to get to the bottom of it and hopefully try to help t

How is physical and mental abuse defined?

Physical abuse is one or more episodes of aggressive behavior, usually resulting in physical injury with possible damage to internal organs, sense organs, the central nervous

How do you help your daughter leave an abusive relationship but she is in denial and won't listen or reach out to the domestic violence hotline or centers?

Answer . everyone tried helping me when i was in that situation. denial was my biggest thing. one day i just got fed up and found the strength to leave. she probally thin

Do men get physically and mentally abused?

Answer . Yes, more often than women or men think. Most men are brought up not to hit women and stick to that practice so when a man is hit, slapped, shoved, scratched or h

How can I help my 14-year-old daughter without alienating her if she is in a verbally physical CPS abusive relationship against her father and is in denial?

I would arrange counselling for her to talk to. Sometimes at that age we don't want to confide in our parents and feel like the world is against us. but if you want to talk to

How do you prove mental abuse in a relationship?

I think that it is very difficult in most if not all states and court rooms. I do think that mental abuse is far worse than physical, which is recognized. Physical abuse, can

What happens if you are hit constantly in an abusive relationship?

If the person you are with is abusing you, you will lose confidence in yourself and are taking a chance of being hurt bad enough to have permanent damage--or being killed. The

What happens when your parents treat you badly?

Depends on how you take the treatment and what kind of treatment it is. For instance, if the bad treatment is merely just your parents talking harshly to you or them treating

What is Physical or Mental abuse to a child?

The kid feels insecure, threaten, kids might pee in the bed, loneliness, might were big clothes in a summers day to hide stuff! Often smells that come off an abuse kid might g

Do abusers may have a sense of entitlement to abusing the mate and denial of actual abuse?

Physical or verbal abusers are the creation of their own environment in which they grew up. Abusers generally single out shy or lonely women (even if those women are high prof

How do you get out of a mentally abusive relationship?

Sometimes it may be hard to get out of an abusive relationship. This is because violent relationships often go in cycles. After a person is violent, he or she may apologize an