Is it leagal in Michigan to have a multiple unit apartment complex with only one gas meter?

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What are the voting rights of an indivdual owning more than one unit apartment in a complex?

Your governing documents set out the ownership voting rights for your community. Every community's voting rights are specific for that private democracy. Votes can be either e

Why 0 has only one multiple?

Because 0 is nothing. Therefore, you can add infinity 0s=0 Also, 0*N=0, N-0=0, and 0+N=N, but you can't do N/0, because 0 is nothing. ( N= any number)

Can you choose your unit in an apartment complex?

No. It's entirely up to the management which units they offer you. Having said that, if you tell them what you prefer and ask what is available, they may show flexibility and
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Where can one find cheap apartment complexes in London?

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in (New York City, USA and Vancouver, Canada are the others). However, vacancies and sublets can often times be
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How can one contact the Meer apartments in Michigan?

Meer apartments in Michigan can be contacted using the information on their 'contact us' page on their website. They have an email address and also a telephone number that peo