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Is it legal for a convicted felon to gamble in a casino?

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If the convicted felon has paid their debt to society and the casino is legal, yes. Casinos don't ask whether a person is a felon or not. They just want a person's social security number when they win big money for IRS purposes. As long as you are of legal age to gamble in that particular state or country, it doesn't matter who you are or how you get your money, the doors are open to you. As far as the SSN goes, it is collected only once you've done over $10,000 in cash transactions in a gaming day. It's recorded on a CTR (which is a form used at banks and other places to record large cash transactions) and sent to homeland security for use in identifying possible money laundering. I have heard from some people that it is sent to the IRS as well, but I can't substantiate that claim. SSN is required for jackpots over $1,199 that are won on slots, and yes it is sent to the IRS. It is form 1099-G
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