Is it legal to transfer your mortgage to your family member?

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It depends, and if ever it is possible the family member that you would transfer your mortgage to, would be liable for the repayment of the debt of your mortgage.
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Can you legally move in with another family member at the age of sixteen?

Answer . As long as your parents have legal custody of you, they have the authority to decide where you live until you reach the age of majority (usually 18, but in some states it's older--never younger). If you leave home without their permission, they can have your picked up by the authorities (MORE)

What are your legal options if a family member borrows ten thousand dollars and does not pay you back?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIf you cosigned for a loan then you are out of luck and you are responsible for the payment of that loan. If you just gave the person the money without a contract to pay the loan back at a certain time they you are again out of luck and lesson learned. If there is a con (MORE)

Can liquid assets vehicles and property deeds be transferred to family members before a foreclosure?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nSure, you can give away anything that you want. But recognize that if it's too blatant and within 2 years of death, the IRS may consider it to be a method of avoiding medical expenses and inheritence taxes and go after much of the property that was transferred.\n. \nInste (MORE)

Is it legal to buy life insurance on family member without their knowledge?

Usually, the life insurance company requires that the insured person provide information regarding their health, such as answering health-related questions on the application, take a physical exam, and sign the application for life insurance coverage.. Because of these requirements, it would be dif (MORE)

How does one transfer a house deed or title to another family member?

You might try going to a local title company. Sometimes they are very helpful and they might be willing to type the new warranty deed for you for little or no charge. All that might be required is just signing a new deed. You will want to record it with public records. The title company definitely c (MORE)

What is legal mortgage?

The legal mortgage in land registry transfers the estate or interest in land or other property for securing the repayment of debt.Since the legal title can only be transferred once by the current owner(mortgagor) to a mortgagee,it follows that only the first mortgage can hold this distinct status.A (MORE)

Can a family member transfer funds to a 529 plan as a gift tax exempt?

An individual may give up to $12,000 per year per donee without gift tax consequences. A married couple may double that amount through "gift-splitting".. It makes no difference whether the gifts are placed in a 529 plan or given directly to the donee. However, some states have tax deductions for co (MORE)

Do you legally have to have home insurance to get a mortgage?

It is the Mortgage company's requirement. One of their conditionsfor loaning you the money is that you carry insurance. Thisprotects their investment in the home. If you attempt to cancel the insurance after you get the loan, youragent is required by law to notify the lender. They will thenplaced f (MORE)

I gave a Deed in Lieu to a family member on a mortgage that I did not pay. Can this transaction be thrown out in Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and the property reverts back to me?

Absolutely.. And you can't give a deed in lieu to anyone other than the mortgage lender anyway. (A "deed in lieu of foreclosure" pretty much has to go to the one that is or could one else!). You give them the deed to the property that is secured by the mortgage (not a deed in lieu (MORE)

How do you transfer a deed on a mortgage?

Your question is not exactly clear. I will interprete it as how do you transfer property that is encumbered by a mortgage. You should seek legal advice before transferring your interest in any property that is subject to a mortgage. Generally, the boilerplate language in any mortgage document sta (MORE)

I recently found out that the property I am paying a mortgage for was transferred into the mortgage company's name 7 years ago The mortgage was not behind is this legal?

I would contact a local title insurance company & get a title search or whatever it is called in your area to make sure the info that you have is accurate. If it is, request a copy of the Grant Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Warranty Deed or what ever was used to transfer title, then contact the lender. If (MORE)

Is it legal to loan money to a family member and they offer the interest?

Sure, but get everything in writing. Also, you cannot charge more than is legally allowed. Check with your local laws for loan interest amounts. Generally not more than 25-35% in interest. my brother wanted to borrow money and offered interest too. I agreed and now my brother is saying I'm (MORE)

Is it legal to have a family member as a supervisor?

Well, I'm not 100% sure....but..if you work within the Gap, Co. (gap, old navy, banana republic) it is illegal for a family member to be your "boss" at work. If you have a brother/sister/other family member working at the same place you do, they have to have the same job, one cannot be "higher" than (MORE)

How do you transfer a rifle from one family member in Colorado to another family member in Iowa?

With the exception of inheritance, the firearm will need to be sent to an 01 Federal Firearms License holder (dealer) in the home state of the person receiving the gun. The dealer will conduct the required paperwork and background check, and transfer the firearm to the recipient. Many dealers perfor (MORE)

How do I Transfer Frequent Flyer points to family member?

Found the details below from Family Transfers Enjoy greater choice and flexibility in the way you use your points. Family transfers enable you to transfer a portion of your points to one eligible family member, who is also a (MORE)

Is it legal to take in a child from a family member without a power of attorney?

Yes. It is "legal" to take the child "in". However, if the child will be staying for a long period of time you need legal guardianship for a variety of reasons: seeking medical care, registering in school, preventing some other family member from removing the child, etc. You should seek professional (MORE)

How do you transfer ownership of a firearm following a family members death?

Depends on where you are. In MOST of the US, there is no registration of ownership of ordinary firearms. Federal law (18 US Code section 922) provides for receiving a firearm by bequest, so long as possession of that firearm is legal in the receiving state. You could check with a local gun shop to s (MORE)

How can you transfer your mortgage to a friend?

You cannot transfer your mortgage to your friend. The lender owns the mortgage. You must discuss the situation with your lender to determine if it will allow your friend to assume the mortgage obligation. If so then you can convey the property to your friend by deed and the lender will execute an as (MORE)

Is it legal to be nude in your own home with family members?

This is a borderline topic. Technically it is legal to be nude with your family since there is no law directly forbidding it, it is just frowned upon by most outsiders who don't share our same lifestyle views. Oh and btw, I personally know a family who did this and the two kids grew up just fine. (MORE)

Can a notary legally sign a document for a family member in Georgia?

Legally SIGN a document for a family member . . ., NO, they may not sign a family member's signature FOR the family member. That is forgery! Although the Notary laws of some states differ, to eliminate any possible taint of conflict-of-interest, it is NOT a good idea for a Notary to WITNESS a (MORE)

Can title insurance be transferred when refinancing a mortgage?

Typically, a Loan/Mortgage policy cannot be transferred to a new loan as the title coverage is unique to each loan. The mortgage coverage on a loan ends when the loan is paid off and satisfied, that is why new coverage is taken out on the new loan. However, in the case of a Mortgage Modification o (MORE)

Who is legally responsible for a mortgage after death?

The estate of the person who granted the mortgage is responsible for paying the mortgage. If there is no money in the estate to pay the mortgage the lender will take possession by foreclosure. However, if the beneficiaries and heirs desire to keep the property the mortgage must be paid or the lender (MORE)

Is it legal for me to drive a family members car even though im not on the insurance?

Legal depends on the laws in the state in which you live. I doubt it is illegal. However it is not wise. You need to be listed on the insurance as a driver. If you are not listed then you are lying to the insurance company and according to the policy the owner of the vehicle is committing material m (MORE)

Can a family member legally challenge paternity with a birth certificate?

The question is too poorly defined to answer. It also depends on the jurisdiction; in some states, there's something called presumptive paternity which means that a child born to a married woman is legally the child of her husband even if it can be proven beyond any doubt that biologically it is no (MORE)

What is a legal mortgage?

A legal mortgage is a security interest granted to the lender by the owner of property as a condition of the loan. A note details the specifics of the money being loaned to the borrower. The mortgage refers to a security interest which the borrower grants the lender. The lender takes the security in (MORE)